Villanueva Receives Visit From Utah

Fernando Villanueva has only one offer from a Pac 12 school, but is on the prowl for more...

Fernando Villanueva of Independence High School (San Jose, CA) is one of the most underrated offensive tackles in the West for 2012, combining tremendous size, good footwork, and a solid initial burst, but only has one offer to show for it, despite interest from many high profile programs.

"I've been offered by Washington State. Oregon State said that they are going to offer and Cal said they want to see my grades first and then they'll offer. I've also been talking to Washington, USC, and Alabama, and now Utah is getting in the mix."

The Utes have been making waves in California over the past month, and a visit to Villanueva's school put their hat in the ring.

"I talked to Utah last week. Coach Tim Davis was at my school and talked to my head coach. I just figure they moved into the Pac 12. The last couple of years they've been legit. They're pretty good. I know they are coming up and making a name for themselves. I have to give them a call to see what they have to offer and where they want to use me."

With only the one offer to his name, Villanueva is looking to pick up more and has a busy summer planned with camps and unofficial visits.

"I'm going to the Cal Full Contact Camp, the USC Rising Stars Camp, and want to take visits to Washington State, Oregon State, Washington, and maybe Utah."

Villanueva is putting a lot of emphasis on academics and the campus when filtering through schools and narrowing down his list.

"I want to major in business, so I want a school that has a good business school. I want to check out the campus. I'm going to be there for four or more years so I need to be comfortable with that. Also the coaching staff. I need to like the coaching staff and the way they run their practices."

With the stress of the recruiting process, Villanueva may end it early and make a summer commitment if he finds the right school.

"I've talked to my brother about it and he wants me to wait. I want to wait too until the last minute, but don't be surprised if I do commit over the summer. It's really stressful at times with all of these coaches calling all the time, but it can be enjoyable at times too. It's something I'll never get to experience again for the rest of my life and want to enjoy it."

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