Local Prospect Up To Four Offers

Jordan Loveridge is arguably the top player in Utah for 2012 and has 4 offers on the table, including one from the Utes...

Jordan Loveridge is one of the most sought after players in Utah for the 2012 class and has seen his interest rise with four offers total including a recent one from Utah and their new coaching staff.

"I have four offers right now. Utah, BYU, Weber State and Colorado State have offered so far."

With the four offers on the table and the summer evaluation period almost upon us, Loveridge may be on his way to picking up more as he's been hearing from many schools throughout the country.

"I'm also hearing from Notre Dame, UNLV, Utah State, San Diego, Hawaii, Boise State, Denver, UC Davis, UC Riverside, San Francisco, Utah Valley, Cal, Santa Clara, and Nebraska."

Wanting to pick up a few more offers before he makes a decision, the 6-6 225 pound forward will need to do so soon if he plans on sticking to his timetable and signing in November.

"I haven't chosen a favorite yet or anything. I'm still just playing ball and seeing what happens, but I was thinking about committing before my senior season. I want to go somewhere where I can play a lot first off, and can get a good education. Somewhere where my family can still see me play."

With the new Utah coaching staff promising to recruit their own state heavily, Loveridge has noticed the difference between them and the previous staff and has begun developing relationships with the new coaches. I wasn't really recruited by the previous staff. I've been up to Utah a lot and have played with some of their guys. I've known Coach Slocumb for awhile and Coach Connor too. I have a good relationship with both of them. Getting to know Coach K has been good. He's a pretty good guy. I like their staff a lot. I like the whole Pac 12 and the direction Utah is going into the Pac 12."

Head Coach Larry Kyrystkowiak has pinpointed Loveridge as one of the important parts of his class and think he can be a big part of returning the Utes to prominence.

"Mostly he is just talking about rebuilding and wants to start recruiting Utah guys who weren't being recruited or being looked at. He wants me to be a big part of getting Utah basketball back to where it was."

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