Ask A Coach Interview- Tim Davis

The new offensive line coach talks about the spots up for grabs, preparing for the Pac 12, recruiting linemen, and more...

*Note- Some questions are adjusted for an interview situation.
*Tim Davis doesn't exactly answer the question that he is asked.

How would you summarize the play of the offensive line during the spring?

They all accepted the new terminology and accepted the new pace that we were trying to install. Every single one of our guys was willing to do anything to get better. They all wanted to accept the new style that the coaches brought and the new philosophies that we were teaching so we were happy with that.

Utetop question-What has been the olinemen's biggest challenge in adjusting to the new offensive scheme?

There's a different technique and emphasis to what we were teaching compared to what they were doing before. It all started with our leaders like Tony, John, and Tevita leading these guys ad making them want to be better. They had to redirect how they were working and what they were doing. Football really is a simple game, but we just needed to change their philosophies and the direction they were learning. They bought in and did it every day.

gs77 question-If Utah played Montana State tomorrow who would be the starters on the line? Are those spots pretty locked up or could somebody come in the fall and move into the starting line up?

We're pretty much set with three of our guys as the returners, but there are a lot of guys that haven't played, especially at guard and we need to find out who the best guys are and solidify those spots. We just need some of them to step up and ask them to do more than they're doing, but we're still happy with what we have.

bsutefan-How set are the starting spots heading into the fall?

I'm big into moving into the next phase. We've done spring ball ball and now it's on to a new phase with summer and lifting and conditioning. It's about working together. They need to show up together, work hard together, push each other, and compete together. Guys that have played always have an advantage.

respectdautes question- Are there any newcomes that you expect a lot out of coming into the fall and into the future?

Siaosi Aiono is very athletic. I like what I've seen from him on film. He does everything correctly on tape. He can play pretty much anywhere inside. Isaac Asiata and Daniel Nielsen were here in the spring were great competing with the older guys. Both of those guys should still be in high school, but they're out there kicking ass and hitting people. We've got a few other guys that can play. It's going to be exciting.

bsutefan question-Having coached in the Pac 10 and in the NFL, how do Utah's OLineman project at each of those levels?

Well we put a lot of guys in the NFL my first time around here. It's all about being ready mentally first, then being ready physically. We've got guys like our tackles, Tony and John, that can get there. They have the right attitude and go about it the right way. You've got to be athletic too. How they play they game and the preparation goes a long ways.

Ute94 Question- Do you believe the current personnel are equipped physically to handle the change in the offensive philosophy?

Where they win is in the summer. That's how you win games, especially in a conference like the Pac 12. We'll be ready. The strength coaches are doing a great job preparing everyone. I'm expecting a big summer from all of our players and that's what will make the difference.

Willowe55 question-How will the recruiting of the OLine change now that the team is changing schemes? What are the most important factors you look for while scouting a player?

You want massive guys first. Mass kicks ass, especially with the offensive line. Ideally you've got guys coming in around 315, but those are rare. So you try to get a guy at 260, get him to 275 one season, then up to 290, then 300 and see if they can hold that weight. It takes time to grow for a lot of these guys. You also want great athletes that know how to use their height and weight.

Utetop questionHow does the new offensive scheme affect the type of offensive linemen Utah will be recruiting now?

With this offense we're looking for big physical guys who finish their blocks. They have to be able to unlock their hips and use their athleticism. We'll sacrifice height for mass and athleticism. We want 6-5 guys, but we'll take a guy that is 6-2 if he's athletic, has good feet, is willing to work hard, has a good attitude, and wants to be the best.

What are the goals for the line and the team between now and the first game?

Our number 1 goal is staying in it together. Live together, work together, show up together. Do everything together, and that's happening now. We want them all to compete and make this team better together. Practice hard and give 100% at all times.

How do you gauge success for this team and for the offensive line?

Executing the offense correctly is number one. Add something to the offense and to the tempo of the offense. Lead by example. We have three guys on our line that we need to lead and set the tone. The play of the quarterbacks and the running backs is dictated by what we do. If the line goes, everything goes. We have a great defense to go up against in practice every day and that helps prepare us. Penalties will kill us so we have to eliminate those. No turnovers. We can help all of that with the tempo.

How helpful is it going against an elite defense every day in practice to prepare your guys?

They bring it everyday and we wouldn't want it any other way. It prepares you well. If you can make plays against a great defense and defensive line like that, you can play against anyone. We're excited to face them again in the fall.

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