Introducing 2013 Prospect - Inoke Lotulelei

Local receiver garners attention from Utah and BYU.

Inoke Lotulelei's cousin is big…real big. Star Lotulelei is 6'4, 325 lbs, and wreaks havoc on opposing offenses as the University of Utah's starting defensive tackle. Always one of the biggest players on the field, Star is one of Utah's most impactful players.

Though nearly half the size of his cousin Star, many believe Inoke Lotulelei's potential as an impact player may be as large as his massive cousin. Standing only 5'8, and weighing in at 175 lbs, Inoke Lotulelei will be one of the smallest players on a collegiate field, something he doesn't allow to slow him down.

"I have really soft hands, makes up for my height. I don't drop many balls, and I'm really good at one on one."

The 2013 wide receiver from Cottonwood High School (UT) was among the state's leaders in touchdown receptions, reaching the endzone 14 times in 2010. Building on a strong 2010 campaign, Lotulelei continues to show signs of progress this summer.

"We've been going to a lot of camps this year. That's been helping the scouts to see us. We just went to BYU & Utah for 7 on 7, and they were able to see us. They've been talking to us, saying they were interested."

Coaches from both BYU and Utah have already expressed strong interest in Lotulelei.

"My coaches said that Norm Chow really liked me, so I just need to keep doing my best so that I can impress him more."

"I went to the BYU camp, they asked me to come there, and I was able to go to Bronco Mendenhall's office and talk to him."

Though still early, BYU and Utah appear to have a head start over the other colleges that are sure to come. Asked what stood out about Utah and BYU, Inoke said:

"Exciting for [Utah] that they were able to make the Pac-10. It's going to be really good for them, and it would be nice if I were to be able to play with them".

"I've grown up a BYU fan."

Lotulelei is expected to be one of the top receivers in the state of Utah this season. Playing for a Cottonwood High School team that is full of talent, scouts from across the country will see Inoke play in person. There's little doubt that Lotulelei will leave a lasting impression on onlookers this season, those who have seen him play already rave about his athleticism.

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