Loveridge Shows Progress

With 5 offers on the table, including one from Utah, Jordan Loveridge's hard work has impressed recruiters.

Having received offers from Utah, BYU, Weber State, Utah State, and Colorado State, Jordan Loveridge is arguably the most recruited player in the state of Utah.

Following a highly successful junior season at West Jordan High School (UT), Loveridge is focused on improving his overall game. Most mornings, the high major prospect can be found in the gym at 7 am, working out with his father.

"Every morning, we'll just go and get a little work on every skill, you know. I do jumpsoles to get my vert up, and stay in the weight room every morning. We go for around 2 or 3 hours then I go back in the afternoon."

On the AAU scene, Jordan has impressed. Loveridge is a prospect with a high ceiling, who is improving rapidly. Jordan talked about some of the improvements he's seen in his own game.

"A little bit of everything. Better at shooting, ball handling, my vert, slimmed down a little more, toned up. I should be a lot better."

Loveridge's AAU team, Utah Pump-N-Run, will travel to Los Angeles and Las Vegas this month to face off with some of the premiere high school talent in America.

"Every skill that I use in AAU will help me for everything in high school, and vice versa. Playing high school, I play more of a big guy, because I'm one of the bigger guys in our state. So it helps me with when I do have smaller guys guarding me, or when other teams have matchup problems. That helps me, and I also have to guard the bigger guys. In AAU if I have to guard a wing, or score from the wing, it just helps me."

Loveridge plans to use AAU tournaments as a stage to showcase his abilities. Already hearing from nearly a dozen colleges, some high profile colleges have reached out to the talented forward. Arizona, Cal and UNLV have all shown interest.

"I think [this month's AAU tournaments] play probably a big role, if not the biggest. All those coaches will be there, they haven't really seen me play. So they're going to be there to see if what they heard is true, and if they want to offer me. So it depends on what they see in those tournaments if they want me to go there or if they want to offer me."

Loveridge reaffirmed that he wants to make his final decision in November after all the AAU tournaments are done, and before his senior season begins. When he does make his decision, Loveridge is looking for good academics and a comfortable fit.

"Mostly just academics, and then just if I'm actually going to get in and get to play. To see what guys they have and if I can fit in their style of play. That's mostly what I look for."

No stranger to the University of Utah, Loveridge has played pickup games over the summer with some of Utah's newest recruits.

"I love playing up there, playing with their guys. They've got a lot of guys I've never heard of or anything, but I like the guys they've got up there. They're definitely going to be very athletic, and they're going to be a good team all around, I think at every spot."

When asked if any of the new Utes stood out to Jordan, he didn't hesitate to offer compliments.

"There's Kareem Storey, the little point guard. Really fast! Always plays hard. He's a guy you want to play with. Gets you open shots, and gets you the ball where you can score. I think he's going to be a good leader for up there. I can see that. Being a great leader, talking to everybody, he finds you on the court. Make sure that you're doing what you can do to keep winning."

"I think he has to sit out this year, but the kid that transferred from LSU, Aaron Dotson, he's going to be a really good player up there."

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