Demetris Morant earns three more Offers

The Las Vegas product has gained a lot more interest over the past two months with additional offers...

Demetris Morant has finally settled in at Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas. Morant is on his third high school in as many years. Prior to going to the Las Vegas powerhouse Morant played his freshman year in Florida and his sophomore year in Arizona. 

Now, settle in Morant has been working on his low post game to impress coaches during the critical July evaluation period. Morant is still a raw athlete offensively, but with only a few big man out West Morant can make a name for himself and land more offers if he has a good month. Skylar Spencer who is also being recruited by Utah is considered the other top big man out West.

"I just played in three straight tournaments and I have been playing just all right. My last tournament I barely played so that was frustrating, but the one before that I played real well, I guess I need to be more consistent."

Morant will be attending the Super 64 in Las Vegas and he is expecting to speak to a few coaches who have been recruiting him as well as getting some looks from new schools.

Morant added three offers since the end of April with Texas A&M, Utah and New Mexico; plus he is gaining interest from Drake. The other schools that offered prior were Memphis, UNLV and San Diego State.

While Morant did not say he had a favorite list of schools he has only visited two schools: UNLV and San Diego State. No real surprise there since he lives in Las Vegas and San Diego State is a short distance away. The next school Morant wants to visit is Memphis.

"They [Memphis] offered me first, so I want to go take an official visit there as soon as I can." 

As for Utah, Morant has been talking some to the the new coaching staff and plans on taking a visit to the school, but he is not sure when that will be. His talks with the Utah coaching staff has not been extensive, so he is still gathering information about the Utes. Morant wants to go to a school that will give him the best opportunity to play and succeed.

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