Myers Focusing On Two

Seaver Myers returns from a visit to Utah and narrows down his list...

Friendswood (TX) offensive lineman Seaver Myers recently spent a few days in Utah taking in the campus at the U and enjoying everything the Beehive State has to offer.

"It went really well. I really liked the people involved in the program and the beauty of the city. Salt lake is really an awesome place and the program has a lot on the rise."

Myers relationship with Morgan Scalley has been instrumental in him developing an interest in Utah and Scalley showed off his alma mater to the big lineman from Texas.

"Coach Scalley took us around everything on the campus and we meet with everybody. My mom and I drove around the city the day before. We just went into the downtown area and saw the temple and the capital building. We also ate at Crown Burger."

With the visit in hand an better understanding of Utah has to offer, Myers is now able to separate two schools from the rest.

"They are in my top five for sure and tied with another school (SMU) for first. The only thing right now is the distance. That's the only downfall to Utah right now."

Myers close relationship with his family and not wanting to be too far away from them could end up swaying things the way of the Mustangs, who he'll be visiting for a second time in early August.

"Yeah my family is really important to me and they all live in South Texas. I have been up to SMU once before but I'm going back to visit again on August 3rd."

Myers is hoping that the final visit to SMU sheds some light on which of the two programs he decides is the best fit so he can commit before his season.

"I would preferably like to commit before the season, but if I'm not ready to commit then I'm just not ready to commit."

What's going to separate one of those schools from the other?

"Just that gut feeling I guess. SMU is on the rise and close to home but then again its a great opportunity to play in the Pac 12 with Utah. It's just going to have to be that gut feeling."

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