Allen To Visit Utah With Teammates

Ryan Allen is one of the strongest players in Texas with multiple weight lifting titles and should be visiting Utah shortly with a few high profile teammates.

Orange (TX) West Orange-Stark's Ryan Allen is arguably the strongest high school football player in Texas, pulling in multiple state lifting championships. On the gridiron, he's seen his recruitment pick up, but is still waiting on his first offer. The mammoth defensive tackle prospect has been hearing from the likes of Baylor, Utah, Houston, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Memphis, Penn State and Louisiana Tech, while working hard to get himself in top shape for his senior year.

"Other than camps, I've just been working out in the morning, resting during the day, and getting back at it at night. I had to pull extra strings because I'm going to be on both sides of the ball this year and I have to make sure I'm up and running."

While his high school coaches will have him suiting up at offensive guard at nose guard, defense is where Allen is being recruited to play.

"Colleges are recruiting me for nose guard because of my size and strength. I'm 6-0 and 315 pounds. I won state in powerlifting this year. I bench 405, squat 665, clean 320 and dead lift 670. I've had the best dead lift in the state of Texas for two years straight."

Trying to get himself in better shape and improve his quickness, Allen has been working with current Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas and has even participated at wide receiver in 7 on 7 events.

"For the 7 on 7 this year, I got out there at wide receiver. I also do routes with Earl Thomas just to play around, but I do cornerback drills and stuff to get my hips better and my feet quicker. I'm just a skill player in a lineman's body."

As for the Utes, Morgan Scalley has worked on developing a relationship with the big man and discussed using him to plug the middle of the defense.

"Utah is recruiting me at nose guard. Coach Scalley, he's just been telling me that I'll be a big tough interior guy for the D, trying to fill the holes and make something big happen, and when I say big, I mean a diamond ring on your finger big."

With a few high profile teammates in cornerbacks Justin Thomas and DaCarlos Renfro showing serious interest in the Utes, a Utah offer for Allen (and Renfro) could end up landing all three.

"I hang with them everyday those are the guys that help me with my speed and quickness. We've been freinds since the 7th grade and now we've been trying to find colleges that need our positions so we can show our talent off. I think if we all get offered by the same school, we'll go as a unit."

Allen and his teammates missed out on a recent visit, but are still planning on heading to Salt Lake City in the near future.

"We were suppose to go last weekend but our parents were working so I think we'll set something up on our bye week. We'll be coming together and I think it's the September 9th weekend we'll be up there."

With that first offer still evading Allen, he's continuing to work hard hoping that it will come shortly.

"All I can do is go hard and show them what I have. In my eyes it's you either go hard or go home."

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