Morrow Targets Utah

Darrius Morrow may be one of the most heavily evaluated Juco players in the nation this season. Despite interest from many BCS schools, Morrow is taking a hard look at Utah.

Darrius Morrow may be one of the most heavily evaluated Juco CBs this season. Morrow's blend of size and speed make him a legitimate CB prospect for BCS schools.

"I've been talking to a few Big 12 schools, a couple WAC schools, Big 10, I've been talking to Baylor, Pittsburgh, Utah, Fresno St, Indiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma St, almost all the conferences."

Morrow is yet to pick up an offer, though much of the delay can be attributed to a torn labrum that the speedy CB suffered last season.

"Going into my sophomore year, I tore my labrum in my shoulder. So a lot of people want to see how I do this season. They want to watch my first few games."

At 5'11 and 182 lbs, with great speed, Morrow already has the attributes that recruiters look for in a CB.

Morrow's relationship with a former Utah defensive back has really influenced Morrow's interest level in the Utes.

"I've been talking with Coach Hill. He's excited, because when I came to El Camino, I told him about my relationship with Utah's CB Lamar Chapman. I told him that when Lamar's out there (in California), I'm able to work with him. I've told [Chapman] about my situation, he knows about El Camino, knows about the type of players they produce, he knows why I came out here to El Camino, he understood. Talking to him, he's just saying that they are looking forward to seeing my film, that's why I'm going to be so quick to send them my 3 games. Once they see that, I think everything is going to be a done deal."

Utah's strength of program, Pac 12 conference affiliation, and ability to send DBs to the NFL, and quality of coaches, all appeal to the speedy CB.

"The reason why I like Utah is because the program itself has made tremendous strides. They just transferred, they went from…I forgot what conference it was, but they're going to the Pac 12. And they have been facing great opponents. They don't just play anybody. They play good guys. I'm watching different DBs that are going up to the league, like Brandon Burton, and of course my friend Lamar. [Chapman & Burton] have been telling me about Utah. They're telling me how they teach you so much. They've got good relationships with Coach Hill. They're talking about the whole campus, the whole school itself, Utah's football program, and I can tell. When I saw Lamar came back, he was a totally different player. That's great. That's something that I want to be. I want to be a totally different machine. I'm blessed to have everything that I have right now, but you know, I want to keep furthering my progression. I want to play for a strong program, with great relationships with your coaches, like they say they do. When I talk to Coach Hill, he's a people's person. He knows how to talk to a player. He's very cool. He's still a coach, and he goes about his business, but he's very cool."

When asked if Morrow would commit to Utah if an offer was issued, Morrow said:

"I would definitely think about it, they're at the top. I would have to take my visits. But what makes it even better is they are in the Pac 12, and I have friends in the Pac 12 area, and they get to play everybody in the Pac 12 area, and they get to play almost everybody. That's a great great conference with great tradition, and great goals they are going for. I believe Utah is one of the top schools in the nation. That's why they are ranked so high, and why they are progressing so great. I probably would. I probably would. Without a doubt, I probably would commit to Utah if they were to offer."

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