Q&A with Ryan Rosburg

2012 hoops prospect Ryan Rosburg (6'10, PF/C) answered some questions about his recruitment for InsideTheUtes.com.

How has the recruitment process been going?

The process has been going well. I enjoy talking to coaches from all over and love hearing about all the different schools.

Who has offered?

I currently have offers from Mizzou, Tennessee, TCU, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Utah, Missouri State, Creighton, SIU, Indiana State, and Murray State.

Have you taken any visits?

I have taken unofficial visits to Mizzou, Tennessee, Missouri State.

Are there any schools out there that you are still expecting to offer soon?

I expect Stanford and Butler to offer soon.

Are there any favorites you hope will still offer?

There are no other "favorites" I can think of that I would want an offer from. Im very happy with the schools already interested in me.

Which schools stand out?

As of now I am in the process of narrowing down my list to a few so there aren't any standouts at the moment. I hope to know my top 4-5 by the end of the summer.

When did Utah offer?

Utah offered me after the adidas super 64 in Las Vegas. I had heard from them before this but I think they must have been impressived with me because I got a call from Coach Krystkowiak the day after the tournament with an offer.

Was Utah's offer a surprise?

The offer was somewhat of a suprise. I had heard from them before so I knew they had some level of interest in me but I wasnt sure how much.

What do you like about Utah?

I really like Coach Krystkowiak. I like the thought of having a coach who was a big man. I think he could really help me improve as a player and he knows how it feels to be a big man so we could relate easily.

Who has been your primary recruiter?

Coach Slocum I would say has been in touch with the most but I've also talked to Coach Krystkowiak a good amount.

Do you have any ties to Utah?

I have no known ties to Utah.

Do you plan to take a visit to Utah?

My family and I plan on sitting down and narrowing everything down soon and deciding where to take visits, so at this point I'm not sure if I will or not.

Is Utah going to be in your top 5 when you trim your list?

Not sure yet. We're talking about it with my family and coaches next week so I'll know then.

When do you plan to make a final decision?

I plan to hopefully decide sometime this fall after a few visits.

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