Shumway Receives Local Offers

2013 prospect Talon Shumway talks about his recruitment.

Lone Peak High School has become one of Utah's best basketball schools over the past decadeIn recent years, Lone Peak has produced a number of football prospects as well.

In 2011, Chase Hansen committed to Utah for football, and Micah Hanneman committed to BYU for football. Talon Shumway looks to become the next in that line of Division 1 football players coming out of Lone Peak.

Shumway has scholarship offers from BYU and Utah, and expects Utah State to offer also.

"After last football season, I started hearing from [Utah], and knowing that they were interested. I got offered in May."

Shumway is also a very good basketball player, holding an offer from BYU for hoops well.

"Before I choose a school, I have to choose a sport. I had my sophomore season to play both sports. At this point, I need to play my junior season in both sports and decide which one I want to play. After that, I'll choose a school. I'll probably end up making a decision next spring, or next summer."

"I've put more thought into (playing college) football than basketball." Whichever sport Shumway chooses to play, academics will play a big role in his decision making process. "The first thing would have to be the school, above the program. I'm looking for the environment. I'd like to get a good education. If it's a great football school, but doesn't have good academics, I wouldn't go. I'm using football as a tool to get into college. The education and environment are the two things." Growing up in Utah County, Shumway is already familiar with both BYU and Utah.

"I've gone to practice a couple times at BYU. I plan on going to a few at Utah."

Shumway has taken notice of Utah's new conference affiliation, and acknowledges it will play a factor in his decision.

"I feel like going into the PAC-12, that bumps them up a little bit."

When asked what he finds attractive about the University of Utah, Shumway cited Utah's strength of program.

"I think it's a great program. I think that they've done well, and it will always be solid. They'll either have a solid year, or a really good year. I wouldn't worry about getting into their program, and then worry about them not being very good. I think there's a confidence thing. A confidence in their program that you're going to have a good experience. I like it there. I've been around the football team a little bit, and I like it."

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