Utes After Filer

Adonis Filer is up to 6 offers. The 3 star PG talks about his recruitment.

Adonis Filer grew up playing football. After his sophomore season of high school, Filer started to focus all of his attention on basketball.

Growing up in Chicago, the 6'3.5 PG prospect knows how to play aggressive and physical. A style of play that utilizes his size as a PG.

"I defend really well. I defend and I attack really well. That's what I like to do. I like to attack. I like contact. But I also really like to defend. I like the feeling of locking somebody down, and knowing that they can't score."

The rising guard was not widely known early in his career, but has used a strong 2010 season to vault himself into a 3 star rating, and much more national attention from recruiters.

"This year I started getting a lot of interest from colleges. A lot of people weren't paying attention to me going into my senior year. Then that school year kind of put me out there. I started getting looks from Baylor, and Oregon State. It was those two to begin with. Then over the summer came DePaul, Utah, Texas A&M, I just recently got a call from USC, Nevada called me at the beginning of August. Clemson called me the other day too."

Filer reports offers from Utah, Oregon State, DePaul, Clemson, Tennessee, and Nevada.

With a variety of schools to choose from, Filer is looking for playing time, academics, and an overall good situation.

"I really just want to find a school that's a good fit for me. I want to go to a school and know that they want me, and that they are going to take care of me for my four years of being there. I want to go in knowing that I have a chance of being a starting point guard, or maybe the next year, maybe within 2 years, being able to start or something like that. Knowing that they're going to put me in the best situation as far as academics, because basketball is not always going to be there. I want to know what I'm going to be able to do after I'm done playing basketball."

Even though Utah hadn't spoken to Filer before this summer, he has been in contact with the Utah coaching staff.

"I've spoken to Coach Slocumb. He's the one that offered me the scholarship. I talked to the head coach as well. I've talked to Coach Slocumb and the Head Coach, those are the only two."

"They (Utah) are saying they really love me as a guard. They like my intensity, my toughness, how I like to play defense, and how I can push the ball. I like to push the ball, but I also know when to slow it down and control the team. I can slow it down and control the team really well. That's basically what they were saying, that I've got all the aspects of a point guard."

Though Utah's move to the PAC-12 is a positive for Utah, it's the new TV deal that seems to have impressed Filer.

"They just signed that new TV deal. I'm gonna play on TV every time I step on the floor."

Utah's new coaching staff appears to be gaining a reputation as straight shooters with recruits; an approach that seemingly has had a positive influence on many recruits.

"I think they (Utah's coaching staff) are pretty cool. They are outgoing people. They let me know straight up how it's gonna be if I come there, how much they like my game. They let me know pretty straight up. There's no tricks or nothing like that. They were saying that I'm going to have to work for a position, but it will be there for me to get it. It's not going to be handed to me, and I'm obviously going to have to work for that position."

"[Utah] stacks up pretty well. I haven't really set a 1 to 10 list. Everyone is on an equal level right now. But I'm really liking what they are telling me, and I'm interested in their school."

Filer will make an official visit to Utah in the fall before making a final decision.

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