Kingwood Linebacker Focuses on Two

Defensive standout Tony Winslow talks about his recruitment.

Tony Winslow grew up playing basketball. It wasn't until the 7th grade that Winslow started playing football. Winslow's first position was fullback.

Despite moving several times over the next few years, Winslow continued to play football wherever he was at, adapting to new systems, positions and schools. When Winslow finally settled in Kingwood Texas, he made his mark on the football program, playing varsity ball as a sophomore.

"My sophomore year I got a bunch of letters from colleges, then at the end of my junior year is when people started to really show interest in me. Then this spring I started to get offers."

Winslow reports offers from Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Missouri, and expects to soon receive offers from Oklahoma State and Arkansas.

"Utah was the 2nd school to offer me, but Arizona was first. Utah was not long after Arizona."

Most schools are recruiting Winslow as a Defensive End or Linebacker.

"I can play anywhere on the Defensive Line, and I can play Fullback also."

Despite multiple offers from several high profile football programs, and increasing interest from many additional schools, Winslow has narrowed his focus to Utah and Arizona.

"My two favorites are Utah and Arizona. It's kind of a toss-up between those two right now because I love playing defensive end, and I love playing linebacker, but I have no idea about what I want to do in colleges, and I don't know anything about the campuses right now. But I have talked to Utah a lot more than I have talked to Arizona, because they've kept in contact with me. I've had a lot of contact with them."

"Coach Scalley told me that I'd really like it at Utah, and they've had some recruits go up there and they commited up there, so I'm really excited about the visit. Coach Chad keeps talking about BBQ. But they say that if I keep continuing to improve like I have, then I might be able to play as a freshman."

Winslow has not taken any official visits thus far, but does expect to plan some visits over the coming weeks.

"I was supposed to take an unofficial visit to Utah and to Arizona in the same week, but my uncle died so that got cancelled."

Althouth Winslow has since made himself much more familiar with his options, the offer from Utah came as a bit of a surprise at first.

"The first thing is I was super excited because I mean, I don't care where you get a full-ride offer to, because that's free college. I didn't know a whole lot about Utah, I didn't know that much at all, but I did know that they had been pretty good the past couple of seasons. Then the coaches sent me all this stuff that I've been reading. It wasn't too biased, but it was good news."

When does Winslow like about Utah?

"My grandpa was a well-known coach down here, and he says that Utah has a very, very nice campus. So when they say that people commit when they go on a visit, I'm really excited to see the campus. Also, I really like the coaches from Utah, even though I've never actually met them. Talking to them on the phone, they seem like cool people to be around. Also the way that they put defensive ends in the NFL, because that's my ultimate goal."

What does Winslow like about Arizona?

"It's the same thing about Arizona, but I don't really talk to the coaches a whole lot, they don't keep in too much contact, but just call now and then and say to just keep us in mind."

Winslow has no timetable for making a decision, but expects to evaluate all of his decisions after the season.

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