Pac 12 Weekly Staff Picks- Week 5

The Pac 12 slate of game consists of mostly mismatches and a big matchup in Salt Lake City

Last Week:
Karren- 6-1
Smith- 6-1
Swinney- 7-0

Season To Date:
Karren- 14-4 (77.7%)
Smith- 25-3 (89.2%)
Swinney- 25-3 (89.2%)

Pac 12 Games:
UCLA at Stanford
Smith- Stanford
Swinney- Stanford

Arizona at USC
Karren- USC
Smith- USC
Swinney- USC

Washington State at Colorado
Karren- Washington State
Smith- Colorado
Swinney- Washington State

Oregon State at Arizona State
Karren- Arizona State
Smith- Arizona State
Swinney- Arizona State

Local non-BCS Game:
Utah State at BYU
Karren- BYU
Smith- BYU
Swinney- BYU

National Games:
Nebraska at Wisconsin
Karren- Wisconsin
Smith- Wisconsin
Swinney- Nebraska

Clemson at Virginia Tech
Karren- Virginia Tech
Smith- Virginia Tech
Swinney- Virginia Tech

Alabama at Florida
Karren- Alabama
Smith- Alabama
Swinney- Alabama

Cal and Oregon have byes this week. Washington at Utah picks to come.

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