Carter Schedules Visits

Rising Power Forward Ben Carter talks about his recruitment.

Ben Carter is one of the most sought after Power Forward recruits on the west coast. The 6'8 ½ athlete from Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nevada has been hearing from many of the top basketball programs in the west.

"I just turned 17 in August, so yeah, I'm still growing."

Carter comes from a basketball pedigree, with his journey beginning overseas.

"I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. A lot of people don't know that about me. Me and my older brother, who goes to school at Western Wyoming. I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, I've been raised a basketball player. My dad played 17 years of basketball all over seas…so I've been around it since I was a kid."

As Carter reached high school, he was relatively unknown on the recruiting scene.

"My (Recruitment) really started a year and a half ago. My sophomore year I started to get noticed, but I was still under the radar. My junior year is when I really started to come out onto the scene. I was still kind of a no name my sophomore year, but I was always in the gym constantly, just working to get better. I work out with my dad all the time. I ended up having a good summer, then my junior year I had a couple of good games and my name really started to get out there more."

What makes Carter special is his versatility and knowledge of basketball. Despite being one of the biggest players on the floor, it's not unusual for Carter to act as point guard and bring the ball up the court.

When asked about his unique skill set, Carter took pride in being a student of the game.

"I'm a very smart basketball player. I might not be the most athletic guy, I might not be the greatest scorer, but I know the game well. I'm a student of the game. I usually outsmart my opponents. I'm a very versatile player, I can do many things. I'm not the guy that is just a post player, or can just shoot. I can do it all. I've been working on my ball handling, and there were times last year at Gorman where I brought the ball up."

With the attention recruiters all over the country, Carter has started to make final plans for some official visits, including a visit that just concluded to the University of Utah.

"My officials were set up for October 1st to Utah, October 6th to Oregon, October 15th I might go back to Utah for an unofficial. My brother plays in tournament, a jamboree at the university. So I might go see him, and check out campus, and check out things again. Then for UNLV, my official will be the 19th and 20th."

As Carter evaluates his options, his primary focus will be on the coaching staffs.

"I'm really looking at what kind of a relationship I can build with the coach. That's really important to me. Just the kind of a guy and coach that I can relate to. To be surrounded by a group of guys that have the same passion as I do. I love to win, and to be a part of a winning program at Gorman. I'm definitely a competitor. So those are some things that are definitely appealing to me."

While Carter is interested in playing early, the rising PF is not afraid to fight for his position.

"I want to make an impact early, but I'm not the kind of guy who is going to say that I'm not going to go to a school if I can't play right away. I understand that you have to earn your spot on the team. But definitely being able to make an impact early, including freshman year, is something that's important to me. It doesn't matter where you go, you're going to have to compete for a spot. There's always going to be guys ahead of you, so you definitely have to earn your spot."

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