Four Recruits Visit Utah

A recap of their official visits to Utah from all four recruits.

Summary of Weekend Agenda:

Thursday night, a group of 4 basketball recruits flew into Salt Lake City from various cities aroundthe country. The visitors were Adonis Filer (6'3, PG), Justin Seymour (6'4, G), Jordan Loveridge (6'7, F), and Ben Carter (6'8 ½, PF).

The foursome represented the Runnin' Utes' first official visits of this recruiting season. The group arrived on Thursday evening, met at the airport, then drove to the Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City (just a short distance from campus).

Friday morning, the recruits toured campus, met with academic advisors, and examined the athletic facilities and weight room. That evening, the group went out to dinner. But rather than dine out, the group met at Coach Krystkowiak's house for a more personal dinner and evening. After dinner, the recruits went over to the homecoming extravaganza with their perspective teammates.

Saturday morning, the group started with breakfast near campus, then split from the coaches until later in the day. While away from the coaching staff, the recruits spent some time playing pickup ball with some of Utah's players. After the pickup games, the recruits got themselves cleaned up, then headed over to a tailgate before the football game. At the game, the group got a pregame look at the crowd from down on the field, then watched the game among the students.

Thoughts on the visit?

Seymour: "The visit was real fun. I liked the campus, I liked the coaching staff. The players were real cool…I liked the visit."
Loveridge: "It was really good. It was really fun, and everyone had a great time."
Carter: "I had a great time. It was exactly what I expected. It was just a great time. It was good to get away from home for a little bit, and see what Utah had in store for me."

Visit compared to expectations?

Filer: "It wasn't really what I expected. I wasn't really expecting the town to be as into it as they were. So they kind of drew my interest, the town and the students, and the interest that they show for their teams, and how they support their teams. That really surprised me in a good way. And the coaches, they were really into it. And the players, they really took care of me. They treated me like I was already a part of the family. They all treated me like family, so I really liked that."

Thoughts on the current Utah team, and the pickup games?

Filer: "It was good. They have a pretty decent squad. They have some pretty good players. They have a kid named Jiggy, and they had another player named Kareem. They were pretty good."
Seymour: "They're going to be a solid team this year, they are pretty good. They got a lot of size, and their big kid didn't even play because he was sick. But they're going to be pretty good." Seymour continued, "I was with Aaron and Glen. I was with them the whole time. Then there was a kid from Georgia, and we had mutual friends and stuff like that."
Loveridge: "I haven't seen everyone (on the team), but from who I've seen, I think everyone's going to make an impact and contribute. I also think that the guys that have to sit out this year; Aaron Dotson and Glen Dean, I think they're going to be pretty good too. So I think there's going to be a real good group next year."
Carter: "Hanging out with the guys was great. I got to know them. Me and Glen, we became real close on this trip. I also hung out with Aaron a bit, Aaron Dotson. So it was great." "(Pickup ball) was fun, it was competitive. It was definitely good pickup ball. It was good for us to see where we are at, and what we need to improve on…as far as recruits."

On the other recruits:

Filer: "They were good. I played with some pretty good players. I played with Ben Carter from Bishop Gorman, I played with Justin Seymour from Atlanta, Georgia, and Jordan Loveridge who is already committed there. All four of us played together. Not all on the same team, but we got to play pick up games, and they were all pretty good players. I also know they have a 6'11 commit from a guy named Jeremy Olsen, so that sounds pretty good too."
Seymour: "I came with Adonis Filer, Ben Carter, and Jordan Loveridge. They can all play. I wouldn't mind playing with them at all in the future." "I played with Adonis, Ben and Jordan. Not everybody at the same time, but at some times we played together. Adonis, he's like a real good point guard. He's strong, and a real solid point guard. Ben, he's a good power forward. He can shoot, he has range, and he can finish at the rim and stuff like that. And Jordan, he's just real strong. He's a real strong, physical person."
Loveridge: : "I got to know them pretty good. That next morning, we actually played. We had some pretty good runs up there." "Adonis, he's really athletic, and he can really shoot. I like everything about his game. Justin, he's a combo guard. He can do everything. He can shoot, he can get to the rim, he's athletic. Ben, he's big, and he's athletic too. He's going to go get rebounds; he's going to play hard. He's just one of those guys that you want as your power forward."
Carter: "Adonis, he's a funny guy, man. He's really funny. He's a really athletic guard. He's a one, so he's definitely really good at getting to the rim. He's good at shooting his little pull-up. I was impressed with his athleticism. I didn't know how athletic he was. I actually never knew anything about him or any of these guys. I didn't know anything about them. I didn't know their names or even that I was going to be with other recruits on this trip. It was good though. Justin Seymour, he's a combo guard, and he's just so smooth with how he plays. He's just really smooth. Jordan, just does it all. He can shoot it, he's athletic, he plays hard…he just does it all."

Relationship with Utah's coaches?

Seymour: "I've built a good relationship with Coach Demarlo, and Coach Krystkowiak. I've met the other coaches also, but those are the coaches I got to know the most."
Carter: "I think (the dinner at Coach's house) was good. That's where we really met all the guys, and got to know them better. We had steak, we had chicken, it was really good food. We got to meet the coaches' family. I got to meet his wife, I got to meet his children, see his house, see all his memorabilia. It was great." "Ever since Coach came for my in-home visit, our relationship blossomed. He's a great guy, and I know he wants what is best for me. That truly goes a long way, especially with me. I love a coach who is going to be honest with me. That's truly what the Utah coaching staff has been. They are going to give me the 100% truth every time, and I really feel it's the truth, and they're being honest with me. Coach is coach. He's a funny guy, but when it comes down to basketball, he's serious about it. Basketball is a thing he loves. We've built a relationship where we can talk basketball, and no feelings will be hurt."

What questions were answered on the visit?

Filer: "It wasn't so much that I asked them (questions), but I saw it. I got to see it with my own eyes when I got there."
Loveridge: "I had never really seen the dorms. That's mostly what I wanted to see…and they were really nice. I had seen the dorms at Weber, and they were really small, so I didn't really know what to expect. They were nice."
Carter: "The football game was great. We were able to go on the field before. I had never experienced something like that before. It surprised me a little bit. I knew beforehand we were going to go down on the field, but I didn't know what it was going to be like, I didn't know what to expect. It was great.

Remaining questions about Utah?

Filer: "I really don't have any questions. I already have everything I need to know about the school. It's just a matter of how the rest of my visits go."
Seymour: "All my questions got answered. Coach talked to me about what my role would be, and how I will be played if I came there, and stuff like that. All my questions got answered, and now I just need to weigh my options, and take my other visits to see what other schools have to offer."
Carter: "The visit answered them all. All my questions were pretty much answered before the visit. I talk to Coach Slocum and Coach Krystkowiak so much, they already answered all my question. But they can only tell you so much, but you really just need to come on campus and see it all."

Where Utah stands?

Filer: "I'm definitely more attracted to the school than I was before. I already had thought highly of Utah before, and now I think even more highly of them."
Seymour: (Utah) is at the top of my list right now, but that's the only place I've taken my visit so far."

Upcoming visits?

Filer: "I have Tennessee this upcoming weekend, then Clemson."
Seymour: "SDSU, Charleston, and LaSalle"
Carter: "I leave for Oregon on Thursday, so that will be fun.I get to check out the Cal/Oregon game, then go check out campus and everything with those guys…pretty much all the stuff I did with Utah. Then I'm going to go back to Utah. My brother plays in a jamboree at the University of Utah. After that I have a visit mid-week to UNLV. It's either going to be the 18th and 19th, or 19th and 20th."

Timeline for decision?

Filer: "Probably about 2 or 3 weeks afterwards, I'll decide."
Seymour: "Whenever I feel comfortable. After I take my visits, I don't want to wait. But whenever I feel comfortable. I don't want to wait too much longer."
Carter: "Hopefully I'll know by early November. I mean, it's going to be a tough decision. I never really know, I'm still a kid, and I'm indecisive about things. But after all my visits I'll feel more comfortable about where each program stands with me. So, hopefully I'll be able to decide by early November."

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