Ceachir Likes What Utah Has To Offer

JC offensive linemen Alexandru Ceachir has two offers and is hoping for more...

Santa Monica (CA) Junior College isn't known for pumping out a ton of Division 1 propsects, but they do have one in offensive lineman Alexandru Ceachir, who has a couple of BCS level offers to his name.

"My recruitment isn't going that bad. I have two scholarship offers right now and hopefully will have more at the end of the season."

The schools that have offered Ceachir are perennial top 25 programs, and he has good things to say about both.

"Utah and Arkansas are my offers. They are both really good schools. Arkansas is a great school with really good football. Utah is in their first year in the Pac 12 and they have Norm Chow.'

While those two remain his only two offers, there are other schools that have been in contact with the 6-5, 300 pound tackle, but Ceachir chooses not to name them.

"I'm talking to other schools, but I don't want to say who they are. If they want me, they'll let me know."

As for Utah, the draw of Norm Chow and the Pac 12 are key in Ceachir's thoughts on the Utes, as well as the relationship he has built with the coaches.

"I think are a very young, top quality program. Norm Chow is there and is in his first year coaching the offense. It's their first year in the Pac 12 and a cool place. I talk to a lot of coaches at Utah. I've talked to the head coach, offensive coordinator, pretty much everyone. I'm probably going to visit after the season because our games are all on the same weekends as their home games."

Trying to decide which school is best for him, Ceachir is pushing academics and something most players aren't looking for...cold weather.

"Education is going to be important. Make sure I can get my business degree. Also the football program and what kind of program they have. Weather also. I'm used to someplace cold. I'm from Moldova, so Romania is my neighbor."

A mid-year graduate, Ceachir will be on campus for the school he chooses in January and in time for spring ball.

"I think December 20th is when I'll graduate so this is my last semester and then I'll make a decision on where I want to go."

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