Filer Eyes Three

Three star PG Adonis Filer discusses his recruitment.

Adonis Filer has been busy racking up the frequent flier miles over the past month. Filer visited Utah on October 1st, Tennessee on October 8th, and this weekend is at Clemson.

Speaking of his Tennessee visit, Filer had nothing but good to say.

"It was great; it was a lot of fun. I got to go to their stadium; their game was almost sold out. They have really nice facilities to get me to the next place, as far as after basketball is over with."

Filer has a very close relationship with the coaches at Tennessee.

"(The relationship is) pretty close, because my dad grew up with them. So my dad already knew him, and when I got there, they already treated me like family."

This weekend, Filer is on an official visit to Clemson.

"This will be my last visit before my season starts, and probably will be my last visit overall."

Though there are other schools that Filer is still considering, the talented PG mentioned three schools at the top of his list.

"Utah, Tennessee and Clemson, in no order."

On Clemson:

"Clemson, they're really on me tough. They do all the work that they need to do to get me to come. They've got good players already there, and they are looking to fill that point guard spot. I know that I could come in and get some quality minutes."

On Tennessee:

"It's basically a family atmosphere. My dad grew up with the head coach and he grew up with one of the assistant coaches too. I've known the coach that's recruiting me since my freshman year. It's basically just a good family atmosphere. They've got a kid on their roster that I played with back in Chicago, and every just treated me nice. They were doing everything they could to try and get me to commit on the spot. It was a nice overall atmosphere. I loved it."

On Utah:

"Utah is a unique place. It's a place where not all the top players were trying to go there, but they're getting players…they're getting top notch players, and that's making them stand out. I think they've got 4 commits already, and they're good players. Jordan Loveridge, Justin Seymour, and Jeremy Olsen; the big kid that committed there. They're recruiting other good players that are looking to commit too. They're getting players, now they're in the PAC-12, they've got the new TV deal, their campus is wonderful, the coaches are wonderful and they love me. One of the coaches has a great relationship with my high school coach from last year, so I've known him pretty well before he got to Utah. Then Coach K, he played in the NBA, so he knows what it takes to get me there. And that really makes them stand out."

At this point in the recruiting process, Filer has heard just about every recruiting pitch imaginable. While the 3 star prospect hasn't declared a leader at this point, he has come to know what he wants in a school.

"Basically, just where I feel comfortable. Where I feel comfortable, and where I feel comfortable with the coaches, that they will take care of me no matter what. Where I could come in and get quality minutes, not just minutes that will be given to me, I know I'll have to work for them, but where I know there's a chance that I could come in and get quality minutes. A good fan base, where the students and the town are into the team. I don't want to go somewhere where there will be only a few people at the games, I want to go somewhere where they will be packed. That's what these schools have going for them."

Filer will make his decision on November 23rd, when he will be home with his family for Thanksgiving.

"I'm going to be back home, and I've talked to my old high school coach, and he'll set something up in the gym so that people can come out and support me and stuff. That's really my only chance to get home between now and then."

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