Weekly Pac 12 Staff Picks

The battle for the Pac 12 North takes place in Palo Alto...

Last Week
Karren- 8-1
Smith- 7-2
Swinney- 6-3

Season To Date
Karren- 56-15 78.9%
Smith- 64-17 79%
Swinney- 63-18 77.7%
Oregon at Stanford
Karren- Stanford
Smith- Oregon
Swinney- Stanford
Oregon State at Cal
Karren- Cal
Smith- Cal
Swinney- Cal

Arizona at Colorado
Karren- Arizona
Smith- Arizona
Swinney- Arizona

Arizona State at Washington State
Karren- Arizona State
Smith- Arizona State
Swinney- Arizona State

Washington at USC
Karren- USC
Smith- USC
Swinney- Washington

Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech (Thurs)
Karren- Georgia Tech
Smith- Virginia Teach
Swinney- Virginia Tech
Auburn at Georgia
Karren- Georgia
Smith- Georgia
Swinney- Georgia

Nebraska at Penn State
Karren- Nebraska
Swinney- Nebraska

West Virginia at Cincinnati
Karren- Cincinnati
Smith- West Virginia
Swinney- West Virginia

UCLA at Utah picks to come.

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