Pac 12 Weekly Selections

It's time for the conference title games across the country...

Last Week
Karren- 10-4
Smith- 10-4
Swinney- 9-5

Season To Date
Karren- 74-30 71.1%
Smith- 85-29 74.5%
Swinney- 80-34 70.1%

UCLA at Oregon (Fri)
Karren- Oregon
Smith- Oregon
Swinney- Oregon

Georgia vs LSU
Karren- LSU
Smith- LSU
Swinney- LSU

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State
Karren- Oklahoma State
Smith- Oklahoma
Swinney- Oklahoma State

Virginia Tech vs Clemson
Karren- Virginia Tech
Smith- Virginia Tech
Swinney- Clemson

Southern Miss vs Houston
Karren- Houston
Smith- Houston
Swinney- Houston

Wisconsin vs Michigan State
Karren- Wisconsin
Smith- Wisconsin
Swinney- Wisconsin

Texas at Baylor
Karren- Baylor
Smith- Baylor
Swinney- Baylor

BYU at Hawaii
Karren- Hawaii
Smith- BYU
Swinney- Hawaii

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