Countryman Down To Three

The So Cal athlete will be taking three visits with one of them to Utah...

Two star athlete Cameron Countryman is one of the most versatile players in Southern California for the class of 2012 and is starting to narrow things dow in his recruitment. He has a busy week on tap with multiple coaches coming in for in-home visits.

"Penn, Idaho, and Air Force will all be by on Sunday and Utah is coming by Monday."

Three of those schools are standing out above the rest and the WR/DB has scheduled visits to each one in the coming weeks.

"Penn, Utah, and Air Force are my favorites. Trip-wise, I'm going to take those three tips. I'm going to Penn December 9th. I'll be at Utah January 14th, and Air Force January 21st."

Utah's interest in Countryman isn't limited to one position and they've maintained that they'll find the best fit possible for him on the field should he choose the Utes.

"Their defensive coordinator is recruiting me mostly as a DB, but I sat down and talked with the coach yesterday when he came by my school, and he basically said that wherever you're going to do well in our program is where we'll have you. I think initially I'll be a DB, but if I can show I can play receiver as well, I can play over there if I'm doing well there."

Regardless of where he ends up, Countryman is determined to make the most of his opportunity and embrace the position he's playing.

"It doesn't really matter to me which position I play. My junior year I really only played receiver and that became my main position. This year I played on both sides of the ball and I love both, but I still haven't fully developed at both positions. So whichever one I end up playing, I'll invest myself fully in that position so I can develop myself fully."

With less than 10 weeks until signing day, Countryman won't be wasting much time in making a decision after his final visit to Air Force.

"Right after I take my last visit, I'll probably choose within a couple of days."

Sorting through the messiness that recruiting can be, Countryman is looking for a school and a situation that is right for him and a coaching staff that is honest and genuine.

"It will probably be how much they want me there. The three schools I'm down to are three schools that really want me at their school and they are really sincere and good people. Through this whole process, you see a lot of phony people and people that aren't very sincere. It is a business at times though, so it is what it is."

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