Utah Making Rios a Priority

CB Marcus Rios has hosted a ton of schools in his home the last week, including Utah...

Cornerback Marcus Rios has really been involved in a whirlwind recruiting process. After being committed to Boise State since March, the number 17th ranked coverman in the country reopened things with multiple schools coming on hard.

We spoke with Marcus' father, Richard, about the recruitment and where things stand.

"We had Colorado, Utah, and Nebraska in this week. Nebraska is coming by his school again today as well. Cal and Notre Dame will be by early next week and then Utah will be in again."

Utah's need for corners is intriguing to the Rios family, who likes the attention he is receiving from Coach Jay Hill.

"Coach Hill said a lot of interesting things that have us really considering Utah. He's going to go back and check on a few things that we asked about and get back to us shortly, but we really like Utah."

Rios made an unofficial visit out to Salt Lake City over the summer and may be coming back for an official visit shortly.

"We're still pairing down what visits we want to take. Marcus is a mid-year graduate and we want to find a school that works for him and for the school to get him in mid-year. If we get the answers we're looking for with his academics, we could definitely be visiting Utah."

Rios is putting a lot of stock in being comfortable and being able start school next month, which will go a long ways towards determining where he lands.

"That's the most important thing right now. Making sure we can find a good fit for him and getting to school soon. Marcus graduates in two weeks so there isn't a lot of time left for us to decide what to do. The coaching changes that are going on all over the place are really throwing a wrench into everything, but we're working through it to find a place that makes sense."

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