Clay Enjoys Utah

Fullerton (JC) offensive lineman Cody Clay talks about his visit to Utah and a timetable for making his decision.

JC offensive lineman Cody Clay just finished up his first official visit, coming out to Utah on a busy recruiting weekend, and shared his thoughts on how things went.

"My visit went pretty well. I was pretty pleased with all of the facilities and all of the things they have planned for the future, like building a new locker room and plans they have coming up."

The coaches kept Clay and the other visitors busy with tours and activities, showing off everything that Utah and the surrounding area have to offer.

"We went to the medical center on the first day. We went the the stadium, which was really cool. Also got to go see the football facilities, the weight room, the indoor field, the coaches offices, and meeting rooms, and things like that.. We also got to go up to Park City and and do a little inner tubing. It was really fun."

Clay also had a chance to meet with his position coach to make sure that they meshed well and that they were seeing eye to eye on how he'd be used.

"I also had some one on one meetings with the O-line coach, Coach Davis. Met with him and make sure we're on the same level, and things like that."

Offensive linemen are known as big eaters, so showing Clay around town and taking him to some of Salt Lake City's finest restaurants was a plus in his eyes as they feasted heavily each night.

"They took us to the best restaurants in town. We went to Rodizio Grill, and then Market Street Grill, and that was delicious. Had breakfast at the hotel and then one last meeting with Coach Whitt."

Clay was hosted by fellow offensive lineman Sam Brenner, and developed a bond with the fellow Southern California native.

"He was a really cool dude and was from the same area and we got along pretty well."

With Utah as his only visit taken, and planned, Clay now has to figure out what he's going to do and whether or not Utah is the right situation for him.

"I don't have any other visits planned. Right now, it just comes down to whether or not this is what I want, and whether or not I want to be a Ute."

His situation is a little different than most JC transfers as Clay was fully qualified coming out of high school and will have four years to play 3 if he comes in now.

"It's more about timing. I'm a qualifier from high school, so I have the opportunity to leave mid year. I know it's a great opportunity to come out for spring ball and start getting affiliated with the team right away. At the same time, that means that I'd be leaving in less than a month. It's not a lot of time. I know that if I want this all to work out, that is what has to be done. Just have to communicate with my parents and see if this is all going to work out."

With that short time frame remaining before he must make a decision, the Utah chances will get another chance this week to meet with him this week.

"It will probably be a decision I make in the next two weeks. Coach Whitt and Coach Roderick are going to be coming to my house this Thursday, so I 'll have a better chance to talk to them and try to get everything worked out."

With rumors of Arizona State pursuing Kyle Whittingham for their head coaching vacancy, Clay picked up on the rumors, but it wasn't anything that was addressed or mentioned by the staff during the visit.

"I actually heard that Arizona State was trying to get ahold of him. I'm pretty confident that he's not going to go anywhere. He really likes the area. I don't think he would leave. if something were to happen though, it would definitely affect my choice."

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