Utah and Washington "Neck and Neck"

Things have tightened up for Kelvin York after his official visit to Utah

Fullerton (CA) running back Kelvin York just wrapped up his official visit to Utah and says he had an amazing time while on the University campus.

"I like Utah a lot, I can picture myself playing there."

York visited along with a bevy of other talented Utah prospects and the players were kept very busy discussing both football and campus life.

"I got to watch practice on Friday, coaches meetings, it was just a great experience for me. I bonded with the players, everything was great for me."

York stated just this past week that his relationship with his coaches will ultimately be one of the most important factors when he settles on a school, and in this area Utah hit a home run.

"What stood out to me was the coaches meetings. Meeting with Coach Schramm and talking football, that was the best part. Building that relationship with the running backs coach was best. I feel like I have a strong relationship with the coaches at Utah."

After Friday's practice the players were treated to a tour of Utah's facilities which left a good impression on Kelvin.

"We saw the University of Utah Hall of Fame that showcases past players that have come through the program, we walked out on to the field, we took a campus tour, saw the plans for the new facility for 2013, it was great."

"We got to see the Orthapaedic Center on campus, it was almost like a hospital. They've almost got their own mini-pharmacy up there. The facilities were just amazing."

York was hosted by wide receiver Luke Matthews and said his time spent with Luke and other players was a lot of fun.

Saturday was filled with wining, dining, and a whole lot of snow-tubing, and now that it's all over Kelvin has a tough decision to make.

"I would rate this visit a 10. Basically they're (Utah and Washington) neck and neck, but I like Utah a lot."

Kelvin will be a spring player which means he will be signing on December 21st, the early enrollment date for Junior College players.

With decision day now just 10 days away, Kelvin has a lot of thinking to do before he knows exactly what he wants.

"I just have to talk it over with my mom and my family and see what is the right school for me. I couldn't tell you (when I'll know) but I've got a lot of thinking to do."

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