Harlow Heads Out

Sean Harlow has been hitting the road hard including a trip to Utah to see a former teammate

San Clemente High School in Souther California has been pumping out Division 1 prospects on an annual basis and the 2013 class will be no different with offensive lineman Sean Harlow already picking up offers left and right.

"My recruitment is going well and I took a bunch of trips over spring break to see what I like and don't like."

Harlow reports offers from most of the Pac 12 Conference as well as others from all over the country and has been hitting the road hard to take in as many schools as he can.

"I've visited Oregon, Oregon State, Boise State, Washington, Colorado, and Utah."

Harlow's visit to Utah brought him face to face with former high school teammate and new Ute quarterback Travis Wilson, who enrolled early to join the team for spring ball.

"I was at Utah recently. It was good. It was nice to see Travis and finally meet all of the coaches. I thought it was a pretty cool town and I liked the atmosphere. The coaches seemed pretty cool and they knew what they were talking about."

Harlow and Wilson are good friends, but the 6-4, 260 pounder insists that their friendship won't play a decision in where he ends up.

"We're pretty close. It was good to catch up with him to see how he was doing. I'm making my own decision. It would be cool to play with him, but it doesn't affect my decision either way."

The offensive tackle prospect doesn't list a single favorite at the moment, and the school he grew up watching is yet to offer, but he lists two visits that stood out the most to him.

"I grew up watching USC, but I'm not really holding my breath on them. I really like Oregon State and Boise State right now."

Harlow's visits show a willingness to get out of state and he has no intentions of limiting himself to local schools.

"Being away from home doesn't really matter. I'll be away from my family regardless so distance doesn't matter."

The big man has not set a timeframe for making a decision, but says he'll know when he's found the right place and fit for him to be a successful student athlete.

"I'm not sure when I'll decide. It all depends on whether or not I have a real good connection and feeling about the school."

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