Utes Firmly On the Radar

Bellevue (WA) OLB Myles Jack holds offers from just about every team in the Pac-12, including the Utes, but the top-rated prospect is in no hurry to make a decision.

The phone just won't stop ringing for Myles Jack. As one of the West's top linebacker prospects he's caught the attention of programs from coast to coast, including the University of Utah. Myles currently holds offers from eight Pac-12 programs and his reputation is starting to spread back east as well.

"I'm hearing a lot from Utah and the schools that have offered me, and I'm also hearing from Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, and Auburn. I talk to the Utah coaches (Grant Duff) on a regular basis whether it's Facebook or on the phone."

Though he grew up in Georgia, Myles currently resides in Washington and plays for one of the state's top high school programs in Bellevue where the Wolverines have won four consecutive state championships. That tradition is something Myles believes pushes him to be the best player that he can be.

"The program at Bellevue has really high standards. It's tradition. The people before us made it what it is and set the foundation so it's our job to not let that go away. We see alumni all the time that have made it on the next level and they're always pushing us to work hard and be the best that we can be."

Though he has plenty of options in front of him, Myles says the Utes are firmly on his radar.

"I've kept up with Utah a lot. They're an extremely good team and I know all about them. They definitely have a chance. Everybody is even right now, I'm not over-looking or under-looking anybody. Everybody is being taken under consideration throughout the process."

With his entire summer still in front of him, Myles will be focusing in on a few program traits as he narrows his search and starts taking visits. One of the most important things Myles will be looking for is coaching stability, something the Utes have had the benefit of for many years.

"Coaching stability will be important; I've looked at the coaches of every school that has recruited me to see how long they've been there, what they've done there, that sort of thing. I've been keeping up on that because I don't want to go through a coaching change and that whole crazy stuff."

Along with coaching staff stability Myles says he'll be looking for a program with a great atmosphere and good team unity, both of which he says are just as important to him as stability, and it's these factors that will determine who he visits as he narrows down his list and plans his busy summer.

"I'm trying to make it out to a Wisconsin camp in June. I know I'll make a stop in Oregon at some time. And Washington's spring game is on April 28th so I'm definitely going to be at that. In the summer I'm going back to Georgia, that's where I'm from, so I'll drive around to some of the SEC schools that are talking to me."

So will he visit Utah?

"I'm working on setting up some good days with the coaches. I'm definitely going out to Utah, I heard it was beautiful with the mountains and everything and I have to see it."

Myles plans to have his decision wrapped up before his final year at Bellevue begins, making his summer visits that much more important.

"(I want to decide) before my senior season so I can focus on my last year of high school football and being with the teammates and everything. I don't want it to be a distraction. If it's a distraction to me then it's a distraction to the team and I don't want that."

"I know schools will continue to call even after I've committed and I'll definitely entertain calls but once I commit I'm a man of my word, I'm not going to jump from school to school. The summer will be crucial for me so I can make the right decision."

As for where he'll ultimately play?

"East coast or west, it honestly doesn't matter. I've moved before from coast to coast so it doesn't affect me."

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