Texas Safety Erik Huhn Considering Utah

Four-star defensive back Erik Huhn plans to visit the Utes this summer

It hasn't taken long for Ute defensive coach and recruiting coordinator Morgan Scalley to earn the reputation as one of the program's top recruiting coaches.

He's earned this status through years of hard work, successful signings, and for having a knack of unearthing some high-quality talent.

It looks like Coach Scalley is at it again, this time targeting Texas safety Erik Huhn. Huhn is being recruited by a number of programs across the country and the Utes, thanks to Scalley, sit firmly on his radar.

"Coach Scalley came to my school last week. We had practice so he came to that and watched me."

Scalley and Huhn stay in constant contact through many different formats and it's making a good impression on the young player.

"We keep in touch on Facebook a lot and every once in a while I'll call him to talk. I call him probably every two weeks or so. [I don't know] too much about Utah, but Coach Scalley is doing a good job of talking to me about it more and more and kind of giving me good information and stuff like that."

Huhn has a family connection to the state of Utah which according to Erik has given the Utes a welcome edge when it comes to earning a campus visit.

"I like the Utes. Like I said I don't know too much about them but my grandparents live up there and I know it's real nice. In the summer I plan to visit my grandparents and I'm going to go check out the campus while I'm up there."

But although he had many good things to say about the Utes, Huhn says his decision is still far from being made.

"I'm going to commit before the start of my senior season. [Early August] sounds about right. Probably at the start of summer I'll narrow it down to three and then go visit those schools again before I make my decision."

With no current favorite and a growing number of offers from schools such as Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Nebraska, it's clear the Utes will need to continue to impress if they hope to land this rising star.

But according to Huhn the Utes are still an option, which is something Coach Scalley is sure to maintain until all is said and done.

"Yeah, I'm keeping a fair and open mind about everybody right now. I'm considering all my options. Ultimately I'm looking for somewhere where I'll enjoy living for the next four or five years. I want to be somewhere I'm going to have fun and stuff like that."

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