Handley Lands Dream Offer

Local tight end Harrison Handley lands a dream offer at the Utah Elite Camp

Alta High's Harrison Handley has all the offers he needs now that Utah has joined BYU and Utah State in offering the talented tight end. Handley picked up his offer at Utah's Elite Camp and shared his enthusiasm with Inside The Utes.

"The camp went way good. We started with agility drills and warming up and then we did individual work with the coaches. I learned a lot. I worked a bunch on my blocking. Coach Whitt and Hill were the coaches I worked with today."

After a day of hard work, Handley met with the coaches and picked up the offer he had been dreaming of.

"After the camp, Coach Whittingham and Coach Hill called me in their office and extended an offer. I was so excited. They wanted me to show them a bit more work and I guess I showed them what they were looking for."

With three offers in his back pocket, all from local schools, Handley is taking his time in making a decision, wanting to explore all options.

"I think right now it's a three way tie between Utah, Utah State, and BYU. I still need to look into the programs a little more and I havent set a timeframe. It could be in the next couple weeks, It could be after the season. I'm really not sure yet."

The future division 1 tight end is placing academics at the top of his list, but the relationship he has with each coaching staff may be what ultimately determines where he makes his pledge.

"I think academics are going to be first and then my relationship with the coaching staff."

Handley comes from a BYU family, with his dad having played there, and was open and honest on whether or not continuing that legacy has any affect on his decision.

"That weighs on me bit, but isn't a big factor. My dad is open to me going wherever I want to go. He wants me to make the decision that is best for me."

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