Masina Lands In Salt Lake City

Uaea Masina ended the suspense by committing to Utah on Sunday...

A huge July on the recruiting front just got bigger when Utah landed arguably the crown jewel of their current 2013 class as Brighton (UT) linebacker Uaea Masina committed to the Utes.

"It just happened about 30 minutes ago. I called Kyle WHittingham to commit and we setup a meeting for me to come up and talk and go over some things this Tuesday. Then I called coaches Kalani and Jay Hill and told them. I also called the coaches at BYU and San Diego State and told them about my decision and thanked them for recruiting me. It was a hard decision and I told them that they have great schools."

Masina took a different approach to his final decision than most recruits, not wanting to be influenced in any way by outside sources and wanting the decision to be his own.

"I visited each of the schools that I was still considering and then came home and stopped talking to all of the coaches. I wanted to make the decision myself and didn't want any coaches influencing me at all, and today I knew that Utah was the choice."

With his call to head coach Kyle Whittingham, Masina was able to explain to what it was that put Utah over the top.

"He was excited. He asked what separated Utah from the other schools and I told him that I really felt comfortable at Utah and like part of the team." While Utah was the longstanding front-runner for his services, Masina's decision wasn't an easy one, even though he's felt like a part of the Utes' program for quite some time.

"They were all great schools, but I wanted a school that made me feel like that's where I'm supposed to be, and Utah gave me that. I've talked to a bunch of players up there and I always felt like I was home. Sometimes I feel like I'm already at student at Utah."

The chance to play at home also factored into the decision, and was something that ultimately played a bigger role in his choice than he initially thought it would be.

"Initially I didn't think that was going to be much of a factor, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the thought of being able to have my family come to games and be able to see them every week."

Now that Masina knows where he'll be playing starting in 2013, the linebacker prospect can great ready for his senior year, one that he hopes ends in a championship for Brighton.

"Now I can start focusing more on my senior season and making sure we have a successful year. I want to be the kid that everyone on the team looks up to and wants to be like. I want my team to be an effort team and to always be trying our hardest. I don't care about rankings our anything like that. If we work hard, we're going to win and have a great chance at bringing home a championship. "

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