Pac 12 Weekly Staff Selections

Picking the Pac 12 and top national games for week number 1

This week's super fan selector is thedyeguy

Northern Colorado at Utah (Thurs)
Karren- Utah
Kimmel- Utah
Smith- Utah
Swinney- Utah
Super Fan- Utah

UCLA at Rice (Thurs)
Karren- UCLA
Kimmel- UCLA
Smith- UCLA
Swinney- UCLA
Super Fan- UCLA

Washington State at BYU (Thurs)
Karren- Washington State
Kimmel- Washington State
Smith- BYU
Swinney- BYU
Super Fan- BYU

Northern Arizona at Arizona State (Thurs)
Karren- Arizona State
Kimmel- Arizona State
Smith- Arizona State
Swinney- Arizona State
Super Fan- Arizona State

San Jose State at Stanford (Fri)
Karren- Stanford
Kimmel- Stanford
Smith- Stanford
Swinney- Stanford
Super Fan- Stanford

Nevada at Cal
Kimmel- Cal
Smith- Cal
Swinney- Cal
Super Fan- Cal

Nicholls State at Oregon State
Karren- Oregon State
Kimmel- Oregon State
Smith- Oregon State
Swinney- Oregon State
Super Fan- Oregon State

Colorado State at Colorado
Karren- Colorado
Kimmel- Colorado
Smith- Colorado
Swinney- Colorado
Super Fan- Colorado State

Hawaii at USC
Karren- USC
Kimmel- USC
Smith- USC
Swinney- USC
Super Fan- USC

Toledo at Arizona
Karren- Arizona
Kimmel- Arizona
Smith- Arizona
Swinney- Toledo
Super Fan- Arizona

San Diego State at Washington
Karren- Washington
Kimmel- Washington
Smith- Washington
Swinney- Washington
Super Fan- Washington

Arkansas State at Oregon
Karren- Oregon
Kimmel- Oregon
Smith- Oregon
Swinney- Oregon
Super Fan- Oregon

Boise State at Michigan State
Karren- Michigan State
Kimmel- Michigan State
Smith- Michigan State
Swinney- Boise State
Super Fan- Michigan State

Michigan vs Alabama
Karren- Michigan
Kimmel- Alabama
Smith- Alabama
Swinney- Alabama
Super Fan- Alabama

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