Position Grades for Utah State

A breakdown of the Utah Utes break down in Logan against the Utah State Aggies.

Quarterbacks C-
Jordan Wynn really struggled against the Aggies. The offensive line did Wynn very few favors, but Wynn often times looked like a deer in headlights. His awareness was dismal and 2 out of the 3 sacks Wynn took early on in the game fell on him, and not the O Line. There was a snowball effect where Wynn progressively got more and more lost on the field, this was highlighted by Wynn taking monstrous sacks of 12 and 10 yards in the second quarter and Wynn being unprepared for a snap in the red zone resulting in a turnover. The highlight of Wynn's game was hitting David Rolf crossing downfield for a gain of 26 yards, this turned out to be Wynn's last completion in his football career.
Jon Hays came in with around a minute left and looked fantastic. He was 4 for 5 on his opening drive, moving the ball from Utah's 27 to USU's 25. Hays looked mobile, taking off a few times and evading a few hits for extra yards. Travis Wilson had success throwing the ball on a flea flicker hitting Kenneth Scott in the end-zone for a 28 yard TD, but other than that his running looked extremely ineffective. Hays was led the Utes in an admirable comeback, his stat line was not gaudy or efficient, but he showed grit and composure that was not shown in the first half. Unfortunately, Hays was removed from the game several times including in late in the 4th quarter and in overtime for the Travis Wilson package, which seemed foolish and hurt the Utes' chances of winning.

Running Backs C
John White IV has not looked like John White IV early this season. Utah State contained the Wolfman and at times bullied him. The offensive line did little to help White, but with that being said the Wolfman made a few mistakes and missed a few holes. John was called on a tripping penalty, which may have hurt the Utes more than any other penalty in the game. White only lost yards on one carry, which happened to be for only one yard, but he was tackled at the line of scrimmage or a few feet beyond it on several carries. On 3rd and 5 in the second quarter, John White caught a pass from Wynn that looked like it was going to be an easy 7 yards or so and the first down, but White danced around rather than trucking for the first down, and he ended up a yard short, getting gang tackled. John White IV from last year would have picked up that first down 9 out of 10 times. John White IV had some solid carries as well picking up a few crucial first downs including a first down pick up of 12 yards on 3rd and 10, and he looked decent in the passing game as well, with 3 receptions for 25 yards, but against Utah State he didn't dominate like he needed to in order to pull out the W. Jarrell Oliver had 1 carry for 3 yards and Lucky Radley made a few appearances in the backfield as well. Kelvin York did not touch the field.

Wide Receivers B-
The wide receivers provided some of the highlights and lowlights of Friday's game in Logan. Kenneth Scott had a career day and looked completely unstoppable out there. He had 3 receptions for 82 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also drew pass interference. Devonte Christopher had a solid game. He didn't do a lot downfield, but he had 6 receptions for 56 yards and moved the chains several times. Luke Matthews had 2 catches for 13 yards, but as always provided good blocking and strong leadership. After these 3 nobody did much. Dres Anderson had two carries for 19 yards, but only had one catch for 5 yards. Dres Anderson is far too talented to have one catch. Reggie Dunn also had two carries, neither gained yards and he had a net of -4 yards in the game. Reggie Dunn had a pivotal pass thrown to him late in the game and he dropped it. He really struggled out against Utah State, despite starting the game in the slot. Much like Northern Colorado, this talented group of receivers did not dominate or consistently make plays. Kennett Scott had a career day, and DeVonte did pretty well, but other than that everyone needed to step up and didn't.

Tight Ends and Fullbacks C+
David Rolf had a career day against Utah State. Rolf reeled in two catches for 47 yards, and had a third big reception, but John White IV was called for tripped on the play and the 17 yard gain was reversed and 13 yards were tacked on for the penalty. Jake Murphy had a limited role in the passing game until overtime when he caught what seemed to be the game tying touchdown. Murphy was called for pushing off, and that was his biggest play of the game. Rolf, Murphy, and Tonga did a mediocre in their blocking assignments. John White IV received decent blocking from Dallin Rogers on a few plays, but all in all Rogers and Moala were quiet and did not contribute much.

Offensive Line D-
The offensive line was atrocious. Jordan Wynn had very little time to make anything happen, and Jon Hays was also pressured a good portion of the time. The Offensive line really never got into any groove, and created very few opportunities for the offense to make big plays. John White and the running attack was bottled up and there were less than a handful of holes opened up throughout the game. Percy Bot and Miles Mason struggled tremendously; they both allowed sacks and committed penalties that ended drives. Tevita Stevens, Vyncent Jones, and Sam Brenner got very little consistent push against Utah State's defensive front. Latu Heimuli had the best game for the Utes playing 63 plays at left guard, finishing with four cuts and a pancake. Vyncent Jones did an alright job for the majority of the game finishing with five cuts, 2 pancakes, and 2 knockdowns. This unit has been extremely disappointing this year and need to step up in order for this offense to be effective.

Defensive Line C+
The Defensive line had its moments of dominance, but also let up a lot of big plays and failed to pressure Keeton on a consistent basis. Utah State ran for 192 yards. The defensive ends struggled to contain Keeton and Williams in the first half and on a few series in the second half and overtime. Thretton, Reilly, Fakahafua, and Kruger lost containment on several key plays allowing Utah State to pick up big chunks of yardage. Star Lotulelei had a major impact on this game and was one of the few highlights for the Utes. Star had 4 tackles, a sack/forced fumble, and managed to pressure Keeton on several pass plays. Nate, Joe, and Trevor did a solid job coming off the end combining for 17 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 fumble recoveries, but they also missed several arm tackles and Joe Kruger was ejected from the game for "striking" an opponent. Dave Kruger was decent, but not dominate at any points in the game. The backups, Seni, Tenni, Niasi, Jacoby Hale, and Thretton did not do a good job making plays. This unit needed to take this game over, and they failed to do so.

Linebackers C
This unit showed some good things and some really bad things. Dave Fagergren and L.T. Filiaga made a lot of good plays and showed good instincts at various points in the game. V.J. Fehoko always showed some good things as well. Yet, all of these guys along with Jared Norris, Trevor Reilly, and Jason Whittingham failed to wrap up at least a dozen times in the game. Utah State broke several arm tackles and ran through a few of the Utes tackles. A few times on short passes and running plays, the linebackers would wrap somebody up, but they would continue to drive for an addition 2-5 yards. Instead of having Williams tackled for a gain of 2, it would end up a gain of 6. Tackle needs to improve or the defensive lines dominance will become less and less of a factor

Cornerbacks and Safeties C-
Quade Chappuis' forced fumble was the highlight of the secondary's day. Chappuis played decent, but both him and Rowe were playing too deep, and by the time they were stepping up in run support it would be 8-12 yards down field. Eric Rowe dropped another easy interception and struggled throughout the game on Friday. Reggie Topps made a few good plays, but also disappeared at times. Lacy and Lee were mediocre at best; Keeton sliced and diced the secondary throughout a lot of the night, picking up gains of 28, 24, 23, 16, 15, 12, 11, 11 with ease against the D. Lacy and Lee failed to display their superiority over the USU wide receivers, both of them took poor pursuit angles on tackles and ended up missing on a few of them. Terrell Reese, Michael Walker, and Tyron Morris-Edwards did not have much of an impact on them game, but are going to need to step up for the BYU game.

Special Teams D
Coleman Petersen was not the probably in this one, in fact Petersen did his job, hitting a 42 yarder and a 40 yarder. One of the kicks looked like a Tim Wakefield knuckleball. He missed a 52 yarder that would have won the game, but it is hard to hold that against him. Sean Sellwood was busy all game long and launched some incredibly big punts into orbit, he averaged 52.6 yards a punt on a total of 10 punts. Unfortunately, Sellwood's 2nd punt of the game was blocked and recovered for a touchdown. Utah State blew through the shield and had a relatively easy block and recovery in the end zone. This was nearly a knockout punch for the Utes. Beyond that, the Utes allowed the Aggies to have a few big returns on punt and kickoff returns. Cameron Webb ripped off a 24 yard punt return and Glover-Wright had a big 35 yard kickoff return. The Utes return game was pitiful and nearly catastrophic. Both Geoff Norwood and Charles Henderson made bone-headed plays. Charles Henderson attempted to take a kickoff that was rightfully Devonte's and muffed it resulting in a scramble for the ball and a return of -1 yards. Norwood fielded a few punts that were ill-advised and could have easily fumbled one of them that he got crushed on.

Coaching F
Utah State came prepared and Utah did not. Anyone who watched the game Friday night would know that to be the case. The players did not execute well at all, but the coaches did not draw up the strongest game plan either. Coach Brian Johnson's use of Travis Wilson late in the game was really bad. Hays would drive the Utes into the red zone and have the Aggies on their heels and all of the sudden Wilson would appear for a draw. Coach Sitake's D did not dominate the game as they should have and lost contain on too many plays. The Utes were unable to get their 13th straight W against the Utah State Aggies and at the end of the day I think each and every coach, from Whittingham to Jay Hill deserve some of the blame. Game 2 of 12 was as bad as it gets, fortunately for Utah fans, there are still 10 more to go.

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