Week 4 Pac 12 Staff Selections

We get into Pac 12 play with a couple of intriguing matchups

Last Week
Kimmel- 11-3
Karren- 11-3
Smith- 11-3
Swinney- 12-2
Super Fans- 11-3

Season To Date
Kimmel- 30-12
Karren- 30-12
Smith- 29-13
Swinney- 31-11
Super Fan- 33-9

This Week's Super Fan Selector is respectdautes

Oregon State at UCLA
Kimmel- UCLA
Karren- UCLA
Smith- UCLA
Swinney- UCLA
Super Fan- UCLA

Cal at USC
Kimmel- USC
Karren- USC
Smith- USC
Swinney- USC
Super Fan- USC

Utah at Arizona State
Kimmel- Utah
Karren- Utah
Smith- Arizona State
Swinney- Arizona State
Super Fan- Utah (via nicnac363)

Arizona at Oregon
Kimmel- Oregon
Karren- Oregon
Smith- Oregon
Swinney- Oregon
Super Fan- Oregon

Colorado at Washington State
Kimmel- Washington State
Karren- Washington State
Smith- Washington State
Swinney- Washington State
Super Fan- Washington State

Clemson at Florida State
Kimmel- Florida State
Karren- Florida State
Smith- Florida State
Swinney- Florida State
Super Fan- Florida State

BYU at Boise State
Kimmel- Boise State
Karren- BYU
Smith- Boise State
Swinney- Boise State
Super Fan- Boise State

Kansas State at Oklahoma
Kimmel- Oklahoma
Karren- Oklahoma
Smith- Oklahoma
Swinney- Oklahoma
Super Fan- Oklahoma

Michigan at Notre Dame
Kimmel- Michigan
Karren- Notre Dame
Smith- Michigan
Swinney- Michigan
Super Fan- Notre Dame

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