Position Grades: Utah at Arizona State

A lot of low grades for the Utes following the debacle against the Sun Devils


Hays didn't get the time to throw, but didn't make the plays he needed to last night when he did have some time. The interception was an awful read and awful throw (although he was about to get hit as he threw). Wilson looked scared as hell out there with an offensive line that doesn't block. Neither guy had a chance this week.

Running Back

John White looked physically ok to me, but isn't running with the same authority and through people like he did last season. A lot of his issues come from the poor blocking, but White looks like he's thinking too much out there. Not finding the holes and dancing too much. The two fumbles were killers, especially the first one. Kelvin York was a ncie surprise and should have been fed the ball more in the second half. Why they went away from the only thing that wasn't working is beyond me. Karl Williams was the most effective player on offense coming from the fullback spot. 5 catches and a touchdown is nice, but when Williams is your biggest weapons, there are problems.

Wide Receiver and Tight End

Where have you gone Devonte Christopher? No catches this week. Outside of Kenneth Scott on the first drive, the wide receivers and tight ends did nothing. Not that Hays had time to get them the ball, but no one was open. The blocking from the tight end group was atrocious.

Offensive Line

Jeremiah Poutasi was a ghost. He might as well not even have been out there at times as Sun Devil defenders went around him time and time again. Will Sutton took Jeremiah Tofaeono's underwear and ran them up a flagpole. Tevita Stevens looked abysmal and the Vyncent Jones-Latu Heimuli combo wasn't any better. It's Brenner and that's it right now. The line needs a new scheme that will play to their strengths.

Defensive Line

Trevor Reilly was somewhat active, but again was a liability in run suport. Nate Fakahafua had little impact again outside of a few stops after the game was well in hand. Star was Star, taking on multiple blockers, and Dave Kruger was efficient, but also looked a bit slow out there. Joe Kruger was definitely missed in stopping the run game. The defensive ends need get pressure on the QB quicker than they are right now.


They looked slow. Very slow. Out of position and slow. There was a huge lack of lateral quickness, especially out of Boo Anderson, and no one was getting into the backfield in the running game consistently. V.J. Fehoko needs to be out there more. Jared Norris can't defend the pass, but he'll add athleticism and speed. It's not that Arizona State put up a ton of yards on the ground either, but they did make it look fairly easy. Too many 6 and 7 yard runs and the speed of D.J. Foster was a killer.


Moe Lee looked lost, Reggie Topps was all over the field, just not near anyone. Ryan Lacy was decent, but dropped an easy pick (although it wouldn't have counted due to a personal foul). Overall the group was not good. No breaks on the ball and ASU receivers were consistently open. 372 yards passing form Arizona State is unacceptable.


Brian Blechen looked a step slow on everything. Chappuis at free safety was a disaster. He doesn't have the speed to cover the neccessary ground to play that spot. Eric Rowe was sorely missed. There is nothing positive to say about the safety play.

Special Teams

I don't understand the punting assignments. Is it Sellwood? Is it Hacket? I don't know what to expect anymore. Nothing out of the return game.


Outplayed. Outcoached. Lack of adjustments, especially on offense. The play calling with Wilson in the game at the end was shocking, considering it was a great opportunity for him to get some meaningful reps throwing the ball. Brian Johnson is getting creative with the wrong guys, and needs to adapt to the game better on the fly. Not putting Hays in shotgun to give him that extra split second to make his drop before a defender is in his face is inexplicable, especially with their insistence on throwing short outs that work best out of the gun after a quick read. For the first time in a long time, Kalani Sitake looked overmatched. His player were slow and couldn't defend anything through the air. The offensive line needs some serious work or Dan Finn is looking at a pink slip at the end of the year. Worst Utah coaching performance since TCU in 2010.

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