Weekly Pac 12 Staff Selections

Another week in the Pac 12 has games with bowl significance

Last Week
Karren- 7-3
Kimmel- 7-3
Smith- 8-2
Swinney- 8-2
Super Fan- 8-2

Season To Date
Karren- 57-23
Kimmel- 55-25
Smith- 53-27
Swinney- 54-26
Super Fan- 60-20

Oregon at Arizona State
Karren- Oregon
Kimmel- Oregon
Smith- Oregon
Swinney- Oregon
Super Fan- Oregon

Utah at Oregon State
Karren- Oregon State
Kimmel- Oregon State
Smith- Utah
Swinney- Oregon State
Super Fan- Oregon State

Stanford at Cal
Karren- Cal
Kimmel- Stanford
Smith- Stanford
Swinney- Stanford
Super Fan- Stanford

Colorado at USC
Karren- USC
Kimmel- USC
Smith- USC
Swinney- USC
Super Fan- USC

Washington at Arizona
Karren- Arizona
Kimmel- Washington
Smith- Washington
Swinney- Washington
Super Fan- Arizona

South Carolina at Florida
Karren- Florida
Kimmel- Florida
Smith- Florida
Swinney- Florida
Super Fan- Florida

Kansas State at West Virginia
Karren- West Virginia
Kimmel- West Virginia
Smith- Kansas State
Swinney- West Virginia
Super Fan- West Virginia

LSU at Texas A&M
Karren- LSU
Kimmel- LSU
Smith- LSU
Swinney- LSU
Super Fan- LSU

Texas Tech at TCU
Karren- TCU
Kimmel- TCU
Smith- Texas Tech
Swinney- TCU
Super Fan- Texas Tech

Michigan State at Michigan
Karren- Michigan State
Kimmel- Michigan
Smith- Michigan
Swinney- Michigan
Super Fan- Michigan
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