Position Grades: Utah vs Washington State

Grading out each position after Utah destroyed Wazzu

Quarterback A-
It wasn't just the Wilson show this week, although Travis continues to improve. He has been better in each start than the previous start. 17 of 21 for 171 yards with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. The pick was a bad read, throwing into triple coverage, but outside of that, everything went well. Hays and Schulz even saw time, going a combined 5 for 5, with Schulz throwing a terrific ball to Fitzgerald.

Running Back A
100 yards for White. Utah wins. John White didn't play much in the second half, but ran wild in the first, breaking tackles, and running with lots of power. 2 TDS, and another receiving has the senior back on track. Karl Williams also pitched in 37 yards as the Utes went over 200 as a team.

Wide Receiver A
14 different Utes caught passes including 11 receivers and tight ends. No one had huge numbers, but the ball was spread around and I don't recall any drops.

Offensive Line A
200 yards by the running backs and Wilson went largely untouched. Wazzu defensive line is pretty bad, but the way the Utah offensive line played, they could have held some of the better conference D lines in check.

Defensive Line
Sacks. Hurries. Two weeks in a row. That Washington State offensive line might be the worst in the conference, but Joe Kruger and Trevor Reilly were chasing down Tuel and Halladay all game. Star clogged up that middle and overall they held the Wazzu running game to -4 yards.

Linebackers B+
Very good game out of the linebackers. Wazzu couldn't run the ball, and didn't get much done in the passing game with the linebackers helping out. What keeps this from being an A? Nick Brown's dumb personal foul penalty at the end of the game that helped get Wazzu on the board.

Defensive Back A
The Wazzu numbers are a bit skewed with 65 of their passing yards coming in their final drive against the Utah backups. The Cougar quarterbacks weren't very accurate, helping the cause, but even without Ryan Lacy, the Utah DBs held the high flying air-raid attack in check.

Special Teams A+
Reggie Dunn did it again. Sellwood and Hacket were great in the punt game. Utah kicks coverage was stellar. Couldn't have been better.

Coaching A+
The coaches didn't need to do much, but the players came out prepared and ready to go. After that, the coaches let them do their thing.

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