Weekly Pac 12 Staff Selections

Two games with Rose Bowl implications take place on Saturday

Last Week
Karren- 10-1
Kimmel- 8-3
Smith- 10-1
Swinney- 9-2
Super Fans- 7-4

Season To Date
Karren- 87-38
Super Fans- 91-42

Stanford at Oregon
Karren- Oregon
Kimmel- Oregon
Smith- Oregon
Swinney- Oregon
Super Fan- Oregon

Karren- USC
Kimmel- USC
Smith- USC
Swinney- UCLA
Super Fan- USC

Arizona at Utah
Karren- Utah
Kimmel- Utah
Smith- Utah
Swinney- Utah
Super Fan- Utah

Cal at Oregon State
Karren-Oregon State
Kimmel- Oregon State
Smith- Oregon State
Swinney- Oregon State
Super Fan- Oregon State

Washington at Colorado
Karren- Washington
Kimmel- Washington
Swinney- Washington
Super Fan- Washington

Washington State at Arizona State
Karren- Arizona State
Kimmel- Arizona State
Smith- Arizona State
Swinney- Arizona State
Super Fan- Arizona State

Texas Tech at Oklahoma State
Karren- Texas Tech
Kimmel- Oklahoma State
Smith- Oklahoma State
Swinney- Oklahoma State
Super Fan- Oklahoma State

Oklahoma at West Virginia
Karren- West Virginia
Kimmel- Oklahoma
Smith- Oklahoma
Swinney- Oklahoma
Super Fan- Oklahoma

Utah State at Louisiana Tech
Karren- Louisiana Tech
Kimmel- Louisiana Tech
Smith- Louisiana Tech
Swinney- Louisiana Tech
Super Fan- Louisiana Tech

BYU at San Jose State
Karren- BYU
Kimmel- San Jose State
Smith- San Jose State
Swinney- BYU
Super Fan- San Jose State

Rutgers at Cincinnati
Karren- Rutgers
Kimmel- Rutgers
Smith- Cincinnati
Swinney- Cincinnati
Super Fan- Cincinnati
Ohio at Ball State
Karren- Ohio
Kimmel- Ball State
Smith- Ohio
Swinney- Ball State
Super Fan- Ball State

Toledo at Northern Illinois (Wednesday)
Karren- Toledo
Kimmel- Northern Illinois
Smith- Northern Illinois
Swinney- Northern Illinois
Super Fan- Northern Illinois

Ohio State at Wisconsin
Karren- Ohio State
Kimmel- Wisconsin
Smith- Ohio State
Swinney- Wisconsin
Super Fan- Wisconsin

Yale at Harvard
Karren- Harvard
Kimmel- Harvard
Smith- Harvard
Swinney- Harvard
Super Fan- Harvard

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