Weekly Pac 12 Staff Selections

The final week of the regular season is here with the Pac 12 Championship Game upon us

Last Week
Karren- 7-7
Kimmel- 7-7
Smith- 6-8
Swinney- 6-8
Super Fan- 6-8

Season To Date
Karren- 100-54
Smith- 100-54
Swinney- 100-54
Super Fan- 106- 48

Louisville at Rutgers
Kimmel- Rutgers
Smith- Rutgers
Swinney- Rutgers
Super Fan- Rutgers

UCLA at Stanford
Karren- Stanford
Kimmel- Stanford
Smith- Stanford
Swinney- UCLA
Super Fan- Stanford

Northern Illinois vs Kent State
Karren- Kent State
Kimmel- Kent State
Smith- Northern Illinois
Swinney- Northern Illinois
Super Fan- Northern Illinois

Alabama vs Georgia
Karren- Alabama
Kimmel- Georgia
Smith- Alabama
Swinney- Alabama
Super Fan- Georgia

Texas at Kansas State
Karren- Kansas State
Kimmel- Kansas State
Smith- Kansas State
Swinney- Kansas State
Super Fan- Kansas State

Florida St vs Georgia Tech
Karren- Florida State
Kimmel- Florida State
Smith- Florida State
Swinney- Florida State
Super Fan- Florida State

Oklahoma vs TCU
Karren- Oklahoma
Kimmel- Oklahoma
Smith- Oklahoma
Swinney- Oklahoma
Super Fan- Oklahoma

Nebraska vs Wisconsin
Karren- Nebraska
Kimmel- Nebraska
Smith- Nebraska
Swinney- Nebraska
Super Fan- Nebraska

Nichols State at Oregon State
Karren- Oregon State
Kimmel- Oregon State
Smith- Oregon State
Swinney- Oregon State
Super Fan- Oregon State

Central Florida vs Tulsa
Karren- Tulsa
Kimmel- Central Florida
Smith- Tulsa
Swinney- Tulsa
Super Fan- Central Florida

Boise State at Nevada
Karren- Boise State
Kimmel- Boise State
Smith- Boise State
Swinney- Boise State
Super Fan- Nevada

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