Rick Majerus passes away at the age of 64.

Former Utah coach Rick Majerus passes away at the age of 64.

With Rick Majerus being the coach of Utah from 1989-2004, unfortunately I was too young to have many memories of coach Majerus and to be able to reminisce on the great moments Majerus had at Utah.

Most of the memories that I do have have been passed down to me from my uncle, and through a ball that he got me at the 1998 final four that includes the logos of the final four teams (North Carolina, Kentucky, Stanford, and Utah). Though being a Stanford alumn and always telling me that Stanford "should have won the championship in 1998", my uncle would always tell me far more about coach Majerus than he would his beloved Alma Matter. He would tell me about how Utah had one of the best basketball coaches to ever coach the game, and that I was the luckiest kid to have Majerus coaching my hometown team.

Though I was very young at the time when I was told all of these stories, I remember the passion my uncle had in his voice while telling me about coach. The respect he had for coach Majerus was like nothing I've seen before, and this really made me realize what not only a great coach Majerus was, but how great of a man he was.

Coach Majerus will always be a huge part of Utah basketball, and is responsible for putting Utah basketball on the map. With a winning percentage of .773 at Utah and career winning percentage of .705, the numerous championships that he brought to his respective universities, and the lives he changed by simply coaching the game of basketball, Rick Majerus will always be remembered as one of the best coaches to coach the game.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of coach Majerus. He was a remarkable man and will always be remembered.

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