Looking At the 2013 Recruiting Class

Grading out the positions for the 2013 Utah recruiting class


Conner Manning
Brandon Cox
Micah Thomas

Notable Misses
Cooper Bateman (Alabama)
Johnny Stanton (Nebraska)

Utah didn't land any of the high profile recruits they went after, but did get three nice players in Brandon Cox, Conner Manning, and Micah Thomas. Cox is an early enrollee and is one of the best athletes in the west regardless of position. Manning set all kinds of Orange County records and is an efficient quarterback with a great mind. Thomas is a great athlete that could end up at muliple spots, but will try his hand at QB first. The miss on in-stater Bateman was tough, but it's hard to compete with the likes of Alabama.

Grade: B+

Running Back

Troy McCormick
Dre'vian Young
Marcus Williams
Devontae Booker (JC)

Notable Misses
Terrell Newby (Nebraska)
Lavon Coleman (Washington)

Utah went all out with running backs. It's apparent that some of the guys on the team right now aren't teh answer and more depth and added competition will increase teh chances of an impact guy emerging. Booker is the most likely to get a shot right away while McCormick and Young are speedsters and Williams wil get a chance to develop.

Grade: A-

Wide Receiver

Andre Lewis (JC)
Xavier Shepherd

Notable Misses
Sebastian LaRue (Texas A&M)
Eldridge Massington (UCLA)
Torii Hunter Jr. (Notre Dame)
Victor Bolden (Oregon State)
Talon Shumway (BYU)

Like with QB, they didn't land the high profile guys, but Lewis will be an instant impact kind of guy while Shepherd has the chance to be a field stretcher down the road. Lewis was one of the top JC receivers in the country and brings as much skill and confidence as any player Utah has landed at the position in awhile.

Grade: C

Tight End

Greg Reese (JC)
Harrison Handley

Notable Misses

One JC guy. One high school guy, including a local kid in Handley who's father played at BYU is a nice get for the Utes. Reese is already on campus and will be used in blocking situations quite a bit. Handley will on campus in time for spring ball and line up at the H-back spot. The local youngster has a high ceiling.

Grade: B

Offensive Line

Andrew Albers (JC)
Salesi Uhatafe

Notable Misses
John Lopez (UCLA)
Sean Harlow (Oregon State)
Cameron Hunt

Joshua Outlaw Utah addressed the offensive line in 2012, so 2013 didn't have a pressing need. They landed a guy in Albers that will come in right away and compete for a startin spot opposite Poutasi at tackle. Uhatafe needs a bit of work with technique and on his body and could be a real player a couple of years down the road.

Grade: C-

Defensive Line

Myron Aiava
Sam Tevi
Gaius Vaenuku

Notable Misses
Kyle Peko (Oregon State)
Lyndon Tulimasealii (Oregon State)
Joe Mathis (Washington)
Vili Levini
Kylie Fitts (UCLA)

Utah went big on the defensive line and landed some very talented guys. Gauis Vaenuku is the crown jewel, picking the Utes over a host of others. If he's not in the two deep by the start of the season, I'll be surprised. Sam Tevi moves very well for someone his size, and could play a multiple positions. Myron Aiava has as much upside as anyone in the class, but is very raw and not a football player yet. The Utes went after some other big fish in this class and came up short, but have to be happy with who they brought in.



Uaea Masina
Filipo Mokofisi

Notable Misses
Gabe Perez (Boise State)
Myles Jack (UCLA)
Deon Hollins (UCLA)

Not a huge priority in this class, but Utah got two guys that they really like, especially Masina, who is already on campus. Masina is the kind of guy that can start right away. Mokofisi is raw and may take some time to develop.

Grade: C


Hipolito Corporan
Davion Orphey

Dominique Hatfield

Notable Misses
Priest Willis (UCLA)
Mossi Johnson (UCLA)
Rashard Fant (Indiana)
Carlos Henderson

Marcellus Pippins

Utah addressed the cornerback spot in 2012 and tried to do so in 2013 as well, but didn't have the high level success they were hoping for. Orphey is a solid JC guy who will compete for a starting spot while Corporan is a physical guy that could turn into a safety at some point. Hatfield has a ton of potential and was dominant at the high school level, but may need some time to develop.

Grade: D+


Tevin Carter

Notable Misses
Tyler Foreman (UCLA)
Tre Flowers (Oklahoma State)

Didn't get everything they wanted, but got a guy in Carter that will come in right away and possibly grab a starting spot. He's got plenty of speed and was highly recruited out of high school, initially going to Cal.


Players That Didn't Sign But Will Eventually Be at Utah
OLHaile Falemaka
OL Leroy Tanoai (Sign and Send)
LS Chase Dominguez
LB Clarence Smith
DT Lowell Lotulelei

Overall Class Grade: C+

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