Saving the best for last?

Breiden Fehoko comes from a long line of football blood, and he just may be the best.

Breiden Fehoko may only be a sophomore, but you would never guess that by watching him play. Breiden Fehoko may only be 16, but when you watch him throwing around 225 on the bench press, 405 in the squat rack and running a 4.9 at 265 pounds you quickly forget that... The youngest Fehoko comes from a long line of gritty-hard hitting beast. Whitley, the oldest brother, was an offensive linemen at San Diego State, Sam was a standout linebacker for Texas Tech, and VJ, one of the best recruits in Utes history is headed into his junior year as a starter for Utah.

Breiden has been the beneficiary of having three brothers go through high school football, recruiting, college, and Sam has had a small taste of the NFL. Fehoko is cool, calm, and collected, rarely will you find a sophomore with more focus than Breiden has. He spends Friday night hanging out with his family, working out, and getting the proper amount of rest. The discipline and hunger for success is paying off, Fehoko is a 6'3 265 lb specimen- with a 370 pound max bench, he reps 225 on the bench like an NFL linebacker, recently hitting his personal best of 25. That is just the beginning Breiden's hard work, he has the speed and explosion of a D1 defensive end, yet he is in the process of bulking up to 300 pounds, where he aspires to be like Haloti Ngata in the trenches.

Fehoko was named a Freshman All-American last year, and this year he built upon his underclassmen success. Breiden notched nine sacks, five forced fumbles, and an impressive interception returned for a touchdown. Due to injuries and depth issues, Fehoko transitioned from End to Tackle late in the season and during an impressive playoff run, Breiden tallied three sacks from the defensive tackle position.

So where do the Utes stand with Breiden?

"They are at the top of the list", says Fehoko.

The Utes can thank VJ for having nothing but positive things to say about Utah. Another thing that will always stick out for Breiden Vehoko is Coach Whittingham and Coach Sitake watching him play at a summer camp for high school kids when Breiden was still in middle school and years younger than the competition.

"They came up to me and told me if I keep working hard there is no limit on what I can do and a Utah offer will be coming my way if I stay on the right path."

Additionally, Cottonwood High School is home to two of Breiden's favorite cousins, SJ (2014) and TJ (2015), who both also have early Utah offers.

"I would love to play with those guys and continue on the family pipeline."

Breiden Fehoko's recruiting will catch fire during this summer, as Breiden will be touring around the west coast's football scene.

"The All-Poly camp in Utah is my favorite, I wouldn't miss it for the world, I love playing with all my people out there, no better competition out there."

The Utes have a chance to create something special landing Breiden, along with SJ and TJ, a Fehoko monopoly, which when it is all said and done could give the Krugers a run for their money.

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