Leiataua Returns From Utah Trip

Defensive End Uriah Leiataua visited Utah unofficially over the weekend

Utah is still working on bringing in more Pac 12 talent. Southern California has tons of it. Defensive end Uriah Leiataua is one of those guys and he visited Utah this past weekend.

"I visited on Saturday. I liked it a lot. It was really good. I had a good time with Pablo Cano. He's good friends with my high school coach and has a lot of contacts in Los Angeles. Cano was a really cool guy."

Leiataua spent a lot of time around the stadium, something he really enjoyed.

"Going into the press box was really cool. Seeing all the academics stuff where the team studies. I also liked it when the coach introduced us to the whole team."

The big man had an idea as to what Utah was, but the visit helped break down some of those barriers and painted a clearer picture.

"I had a picture of what Utah was, but when I went there, it changed my point of view on what it was going to be like. I like how diverse Utah is. Their team is one third Poly, one third black, and one third caucasian. I though that was really cool. I think it is really good to have racial diversity. I'm planning on taking a summer program that focuses on multi-cultural education."

The #37 ranked defensive end in the 2014 class hasn't made many school visits, but has a couple lined up over the next few weeks.

"The is my first visit to a school. Washington and I are working on one. Wisconsin and I are also working on a trip. I'll be heading to BYU next Saturday."

The three star defensive end doesn't have any offers yet, but could be on the verge of a few.

"No offers yet, but it's still early. My coach told me that UCLA is close to offering and Wisconsin could be offering. Cal could be offering and BYU might offer this Saturday."

The 6-4, 265 pound defensive end has a lot of schools that he likes, but three are standing out right now.

"I have a lot of favorites because I have a lot of ties to schools. Utah is one of my favorites. Cal, because my sister graduated from there. UCLA too because my brother graduated from there."

Without any offers, Leiataua won't be making a commitment right now, but when he gets the right offer, he'll make his pledge.

"My coach told me to wait and my parents told me to take it slowly. When I get the right offer, I'll know, and then probably commit."

Leiataua visited Utah partly because of their strong LDS influence, and plans on taking a mission at some point.

"I know I'll be taking a mission, but I'm not sure when."

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