2013 Hoops Recruiting Evaluations

Evaluating the newest Running Utes' signees in the 2013 class

Ahmad Fields
Athlete. Fields has a lot of upside based on his athleticism. He's a bit raw, but a year at a prep school has helped. Is a decent outside shooter and can finish at the rim with the best of them. Will eventually be a lockdown defender with a bit of coaching. Very good height and length. Fields has played against a lot of top level competition at the preps and AAU levels.

Kenneth Ogbe
Smooth. Ogbe doesn't have great wheels, but plays the game at a pace that keeps him in control and limits mistakes. With his 6'6" size at the point guard spot, the Utes addressed one of their most glaring needs, with that being perimeter height. Too many opposing players shot over the top of the likes of Brandon Taylor and Glen Dean. Ogbe will add a defensive presence with his height and length. A heady player who's heralded as a strong leader, he has a solid outside stroke, and excels at the basket where he can finish in a variety of ways. Maybe the most valuable long term pickup of the entire class for the Utes.

Princeton Onwas
Defense. Onwas is going to be the Utes' shutdown guy, and very well could step into a starting role immediately because of it. Not an elite scorer by any means, he's still an athlete that can finish at the rim and will be a glue guy. By all accounts, Onwas is one of those guys that you hate to play against because he's a pest on defense and does the little things. Not much of a shooter at this point, Onwas need to refine that aspect of his game if he wants to be a high impact guy, but will definitely be a rotation player in 2013-14, if not an immediate starter.

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