Recruiting Reset: Offense

Taking a look at the Utah commits and targets on the offensive side of the ball

Need:                 Commits:                 Top Targets:                  Others To Watch:
0 to 1                    None                Brandon Dawkins              Coltin Gerhart
                                                             Aaron Sharp                    Nick Bawden

Three high school quarterbacks in the 2013 class lessens the need for one in 2014. If Utah is going to take a signal caller this year, it's going to be an elite player. Brandon Dawkins has looked like a legitimate option with Utah offering him first, and the Utes staying at the top of his board. Dawkins though, attempted to commit to Notre Dame recently. While the two sides couldn't agree on having Dawkins commit at this time, he's likely Notre Dame bound at some point if the Irish don't land Kyle Allen, the top quarterback in the country. Enter Aaron Sharp. The dual-threat kid out of Texas has visited Utah unofficially and has consistently listed them as one of his leaders. Now Baylor has emerged and Texas A&M is lurking. If the Aggies offer, he's most likely headed to College Station. The Bears are also in a good spot and appear to have inched ahead of those on the offer list. There are others out there, most notably Nick Bawden, who has emerged over the summer, and would be a decent fit for Utah, but isn't the athlete that they'd like to develop at the position over the next few years. If Utah hasn't landed a quarterback by the end of the summer, don't be surprised if they remove that position from their focus on put their energy elsewhere.

Running Back
Need:              Commits:                    Top Targets:                             Others To Watch:
1                 Amone Finau   Demario Richard (Offered)                      D.J. Riggins
                                                    Kalen Ballage (Offered)               Darrel Williams (Offered)
                                                    Kevin Shorter (Offered)                      Kurt Scoby
                                              Isaiah Brandt-Sims (Offered)                Rashad Penny

With four running backs in the 2013 class, including three from high school, this, like the quarterback spot, is not a necessity. It's a good thing too as the 2014 class out west isn't very good for ball carriers. The talent is decent in Texas, but Utah won't be shedding any tears if they end up with an O-fer at the spot. We'll list commit Amone Finau as a running back for now, but he's an athlete that I anticipate lands at another spot. Demario Richard picked up an offer, but the big schools have emerged and the Utes have fallen off the pace. He won't decide until December, so there's plenty of time for Utah to get back into it. Ballage is another kid that was doing well with Utah until new offers popped up. Riggins visited Utah the Utes would have a great shot if they offered. Lee has indicated that he'll visit Utah in June and attend the elite camp. With all of the backs that came in last year, the Utes will be very selective with who they bring in to fill out an already crowded backfield.

Wide Receiver
Need:              Commits                           Top Targets                            Others To Watch
2 to 3        Raelon Singleton          Jordan Lasley (Offered)             Mack Richards
                                                        Donyeh Patterson (Offered)             Donovan Lee
                                                            Chance Waz (Offered)                 Justin Holmes

Utah would love to land a couple of elite receivers in this class, but there isn't a lot of depth. The top tier kids don't look like options right now, but with one commitment in the bag with Raelon Singleton, the Utes are off to a decent start (two if that's where Finau ends up). Lasley had the Utes at the top of his list, but after a huge recent camp performance, the offers are coming in hand over fist and the Utes may end up being left in the dust. Fortunately, they've forged a solid early relationship and should be able to hang in there for his services. Donyeh Patterson has ties to the Utah coaching staff and has them very high on his list. Wouldn't be a shock to see him end up at Utah thanks to Sharrieff Shah. Utah will undoubtebly throw out a few more wide receiver offers once more players start sending out film. Patience is the key with the wide receivers right now.

Tight End
Need:              Commits                           Top Targets                             Others To Watch
0 to 1                None                     Dalton Schultz (Offered)       Mavin Saunders (Offered)
                                                           Bryce Dixon (Offered)          Matt Bushman (Offered)
                                                                                                                       Joe Tukuafu

Utah was ready to go hard and heavy after a tight end in the 2014 class, but that need significantly reduced with the commitment, and pending enrollment, of junior college transfer Evan Moeia over the summer (he'll enroll in the fall). Now, they'll look for elite difference makers. The top target on the board is the top tight end in the country, Dalton Schultz. Schultz is a local kid out of Bingham and has everything you'd want in a player. He's been on campus at Utah a lot, but has often been viewed as a strong Stanford lean. They look to be running second for his services, and will keep working to land him. Dixon is another elite player that Utah has a decent shot at. Dixon has hinted at UCLA and USC as his early leaders, with both now having offered. Don't be shocked if the Utes aren't able to, or choose not to, bring in a tight end in the class if they miss on Schultz and Dixon.

Offensive Line
Need:              Commits                           Top Targets                            Others To Watch
3 to 4          Kenyon Frison          Damien Mama (Offered)         Tyrell Crosby (Oregon)
                 Jackson Barton          Layth Friekh (Offered)              Kammy Delp (Offered)
                                                          Jalen Jelks (Offered)        Pearce Slater (Offered) JC                                ;                         Quinn Bailey (Offered)               Jon Sekona (Offered)
                                                                                                                        Jordan Austin

Utah is in pretty good shape on the offensive line in this class. Jackson Barton is an elite 4 star talent who will push for playing time as soon as he's on campus. Kenyon Frison went from an under-the-radar, out of nowhere, local pickup to one of the hottest, and fastest-rising offensive linemen in the country with a recent huge performance at an NFTC event. Jackson is locked in with Utah and will surely be a Ute. Frison, despite Utah ties, and with the recent offers (including Washington and Oklahoma), will have a battle on their hands to keep him. Fortunately for the Utes, they got to him first with an offer and a commitment. Mama is the top realistic target still on the board, but the longer his recruitment drags out, the more he seems to be looking elsewhere. Utah will keep working on the big man and the Poly ties will help, but the Utes are working uphill right now. Sekona has Utah at the top of his list at the moment, while Friekh is planning a late summer commitment and the Utes aren't getting muh lo e. Crosby was down to Utah and Oregon, visiting both schools. Utah came first and the Ducks second. He verbaleld right after the Oregon trip. The Utes will continue to recruit Crosby who has ties to Salt Lake. Slater has indicated that Utah is in a good spot with him. Utah hasn't done a lot of offensive line work in Texas yet, but those offers will go out eventually. The Utes probably won't be adding an offensive line recruit anytime soon, and that's ok as they evaluate their options and try to find someone that can play inside next to Frison and Barton, or an elite player that can play multiple spots.

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