Utes Offer Local Lineman

James Empey picks up an offer from Utah at their elite camp

The 2015 class in the state of Utah is going to be a good one, with offensive lineman James Empey one of the headliners.

"I think my recruitment is going really well. I'm exited to get to know the coaches better, and I had fun at my camps."

Empey picked up an offer from Utah at their elite camp to go along with one from Utah State and he's already liking what he sees in Utah.

"I love it there. Their coaches are amazing and facilities are awesome. I really learned a lot at their camp. I've gone to their camp for a few years and they always make it feel like a place I'd want to go."

With his recruitment picking up and Empey enjoying his coach intercation while on visits to Utah, one high profile school is showing interest along with the Utes.

"I have spoken to coaches while I have been on their campus. I've also spoken to BYU and Stanford."

The 6-3, 260 pounder is hesitant to list a favorite, but is enjoying the attention.

"No favorites right now, but I've been really impressed with the coaches and programs and I'm flattered for the offers I have gotten this summer."

Empey is placing a lot of emphasis on education and coaches when making a decision.

"I'm looking for a school with a good education, good coaches, a place where I feel like I can have a great college experience."

A member of the LDS Church, Empey won't waste any time in getting out on his mission.

"Yes, I plan to go on my mission right after graduation."

As a 2015 recruit, Empey still has a long time to go before signing on the dotted line, and is going to take his time in making a decision.

"Probably next year sometime. I am excited to see how the programs interested in me do this season and get involved with what I can."

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