QB Recruiting- What Should Utah Do Now?

With the commitment and decommitment of Aaron Sharp, we look at Utah's options at quarterback

With the commitment, and decommitment less than 24 hours later by quarterback recruit Aaron Sharp, Utah goes back to the drawing board in their search for a 2014 QB. Sharp was plan A, B, and C, and the Utes thought they had him all locked up….and they did….for a day. Now, where do they go from here?

Donovan Isom and Jarrett Hildreth are nice prospects with a good size and lively arms, but neither is a game changer. Brandon Dawkins has the tools, but isn't a Utah type of player. He's a happy-go-lucky kid who doesn't appear to love the game or show the willingness to put in the work. That doesn't fly with guys like Kyle Whittingham and Brian Johnson. Utah needs a game changer. Aaron Sharp was a game changer. Move on to 2015.

The 2015 quarterback recruiting class is going to be special. It is head and shoulders better than the 2014 class (which is a down year in terms of depth and top end talent), better than the solid 2012 year, and probably as good of a class on paper as any we've seen since at least 2009 when Matt Barkley was the nation's top ranked signal caller. On paper, and this early on, you could make the case that the 2015 quarterback class, especially out West, is the best we've seen since Scout.com started their rankings. If I'm Utah, I move on to 2015 where there is an abundance of depth and quality, especially in California where the Utes are making in-roads and using lots of resources.

With three quarterbacks coming in last season, and 2012 recruit Chase Hansen returning from a mission at some point, Utah could have as many as 7 scholarship quarterbacks on the roster if they grab a 2014 player. Want to scare away one of those elite 2015 players? Have them look at Utah's future depth chart. Now, all seven of those players won't still be playing quarterback. Some will have either changed position or transferred, but you get the idea. Depth works against Utah right now, and they need to spread it out. A QB in 2015 is WAY more important than a QB in 2014. At this point, on the priority list, quarterback should be behind about every position but running back for this class. Cut your losses, find 10 targets for 2015, and make your move. The Utah football program will be better for it.

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