Fall Camp Preview - Running Back

As fall camp nears, we predict how the RB race will shake-out heading into the 2013 season

Sayonara John White IV, it's been grand. Your time at the U came and went too quickly and will be sorely missed. Thank you for your record-setting season, your spectacular plays, and your devotion to the program. As of today the program must move on, and that is much easier said than done.

Heading into fall camp the Utes have a number of seen and unseen candidates to choose from. Kelvin York is the favorite in the clubhouse, but he'll be pushed by a number of hopefuls, all of whom have their individual strengths and weaknesses.

The Candidates

Kelvin York (Sr)
When Kelvin York committed to Utah back in 2011 most believed he was destined to be the heir to the John White throne. He started the 2012 season slow before finally exploding against Cal only to have his progress derailed by injury. York's recent playing career has been hampered by injury. He missed his sophomore JUCO season due to a torn meniscus and played minimal reps in just eight games last season. At this point it's unsafe to assume he'll be ‘the guy' this year, but he definitely has the best chance out of the group.

Lucky Radley (Jr)
So far at Utah Lucky Radley has been a guy who just can't catch a break. He came into the program as a defensive back only to be passed on the depth chart before getting moved to offense. Once moved he saw an unknown JUCO prospect named John White take the position by storm and own it for two seasons. Now he has a few years under his belt and a chip on his shoulder but has Kelvin York looking to take the position from him in 2013. Radley was the best overall RB during spring ball and has an excellent chance to see significant playing time this fall, but he has to carry that April momentum with him into August.

Jarrell Oliver (So)
Jarrell Oliver had a fantastic spring in 2012. He was arguably the best RB to come out of spring and he had many Utah fans very excited to watch him play that fall. Sadly his fall production never matched his spring performances and he quickly saw guys like Kelvin York and Lucky Radley pass him on the depth chart. Oliver's biggest weakness is his pass-blocking ability and his slow in-game decision-making. Too often he missed holes or took too long to commit to a cut and lost opportunities to pick up decent yardage. He'll be given another good shot this fall but until he cleans up these issues he'll be buried behind other players.

Devontae Booker (JUCO-Jr)
Booker is a JUCO transfer with a major question-mark attached to him. He had a nice list of interested schools including an offer from West Virginia, a team that thrives on fast, athletic runners. Nobody knows exactly what to expect from Booker but many believe he has the potential to beat out the incumbents for major minutes this season. While he'll have to prove a lot in a hurry to do so, one thing is for certain: lots of eyes will be on Booker throughout fall camp.

Karl Williams (Sr)
Karl Williams is more of a fullback with the mind of a halfback. Utah won't employ a true fullback this fall which means any time Williams gets on the field this year will be as a HB. Williams has a great story, going from walk-on to scholarship player to 2013 spring camp standout. Many were very excited with what they saw out of "The Human Bowling Ball" back in April and believe he could be an impact player this season. While I don't think he's an every down back, I do believe he has a spot in this offense and could definitely make an impact in the right situation. He's somebody to keep an eye on.

James Poole (Rs-So)
Poole joined the Utah football program at the beginning of fall camp last year. He came into the program a bit undersized and behind the other players from an offensive understanding standpoint so he red-shirted the season and used the time to get a grip on the offense and bulk up a bit. He entered spring 2013 with a better knowledge of the offense and looked like a dangerous playmaker at times. He has soft hands and is a real threat out of the backfield, especially given Dennis Erickson's history of making RBs a priority in the pass game.

Projected Post Fall Depth Chart
1. York
2. Radley or
4. Poole or
5. Oliver

Sleeper - Dre'Vian Young

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