Primetime Polynesian Pumps Out Top Players

Southern California based Primetime Polynesian Camps are blowing up out West and are run by a former Utah player

Schools are always looking for a leg up in recruiting, and camps are a great way for coaching staffs to develop relationships with players and camp coordinators that are often influential in a recruit's decision. One of the fastest rising camps in the country is Primetime Polynesian, being run for by former Utah player Pene Talamaivao, to fill a need on the camp circuit.

"We started PTP two years ago, covering skills for offensive and defensive linemen, linebackers and tight ends. We cater camps to them, since they're often neglected."

Currently based out of Corona, California, one of the hotbeds for Southern California recruits, Primetime Polynesian has turned into the top camp for turning out linemen in the West recently.

"So far we've produced 16 MVPs with guys like JoJo Mathis, Christian Garcia, Viane Talamaivao, Damien Mama, Austin Maloata, Cameron Hunt, Ainuu Taua, and Kammy Delp."

The training program that Talamaivao developed years ago while out in the Beehive State, is the one he uses today and has produced tremendous results.

"Using the Nemesis Elite program that I wrote in Utah, I was training University of Utah football athletes to test run my program. It was hit with gyus like Kepa Gaison, Kenape Eliapo, Aiona Key, Matt Martinez, and Sealver Siliga to name few who did the program, so I took to Mt. SAC JC and they used the program from 2007, winning national titles with it."

The workout developed by Talamaivao has become a must for any west coast recruit.

"Primetime Polynesian uses the Nemesis Workout. PTP became one of the fastest and high energy camps for the big guys in Southern California. We are producing a large class of lineman throughout So Cal and will be hitting skill players in 2014. We are headed in the right direction and hopefully can get all our kids to college."

Having returned to their roots in 2013 with a Utah camp in June, PTP will be headed back this way next year, and is continuing to expand all over the west coast.

"Developing and training is the core of our system and we look to expand beyond California. We did Utah in June, but are also looking to hit the Bay Area and Las Vegas."

The longterm goal is for Primetime Polynesian to host and train the top players not only out west, but across the country.

"We want the best of the best developed and trained by us, and are in talks with several division 1 schools wanting to take full advantage of our camps."

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