Utah Season Predictions

Making our predictions on the 2013 Utah football season

Gorringe- 7-5, 4-5
Karren- 7-5, 4-5
Olson- 7-5, 4-5
Swinney- 6-6, 3-6

Offensive MVP
Gorringe- Kelvin York
Karren- Travis Wilson
Olson- Offensive Line
Swinney- Jake Murphy

Defensive MVP
Gorringe- Eric Rowe
Karren- Trevor Reilly
Olson- Trevor Reilly
Swinney- Tenny Palepoi

Rushing Leader
Gorringe- Kelvin York
Karren- Kelvin York
Olson- Kelvin York
Swinney- Kelvin York

Receptions Leader
Gorringe- Kenneth Scott
Karren- Jake Murphy
Olson- Jake Murphy
Swinney- Jake Murphy

Tackles Leader
Gorringe- Jared Norris
Karren- V.J. Fehoko
Olson- Trevor Reilly
Swinney- VJ Fehoko

Sacks Leader
Gorringe- Nate Orchard
Karren- Trevor Reilly
Olson- Nate Orchard
Swinney- Trevor Reilly

Interceptions Leader
Gorringe- Eric Rowe
Karren- Eric Rowe
Olson- Eric Rowe
Swinney- Keith McGill

The season will be a success if.....
Gorringe- the offensive and defensive lines are as good as advertised. The O Line has to protect Wilson, and the D Line has to get pressure on QB's to take pressure off of LB's and secondary.
Karren- Travis Wilson can stay healthy the entire year. Utah has struggled the past few seasons due in large part to QB health troubles. If Wilson can stay healthy, he has the smarts and ability to make plays happen and win games. A successful, winning season rests on the 6'7" shoulders of Mr. Wilson.
Olson- The season will be a success if both offensive and defensive lines live up to their hype and perform at a high level. Given their very difficult schedule this season, if the Utes finish above .500 and do what they do best and win a bowl game, then I will call this season a success.
And to be a complete success, I would like to see them knock off one of the upper-tier Pac-12 teams.
Swinney- Utah goes bowling. Setting the bar too low? Have to start somewhere after last season's disappoinment. With this brutal schedule, the Utes are going to need to get a few breaks, stay injury free, and have Travis Wilson develop into a star if they want to go bowling again. Anything less than a bowl game is unacceptable for the program.

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