Staff Selections: Week 1

Salt Lake Tribune Aggie beat writer Kyle Goon joins us and puts his picking skills to the test

This week's Expert Picker is Kyle Goon, Utah State beat writer for the Salt Lake Tribune. You can find Kyle's stuff over at and you can catch him on twitter at @KyleGoon please go show the man some twitter love for helping us out this week.

#24 USC at Hawaii (Thurs)
Gorringe - USC
Karren - USC
Olson - USC
Swinney - USC
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - USC

Northern Arizona at Arizona (Fri)
Gorringe - Arizona
Karren - Arizona
Olson - Arizona
Swinney - Arizona
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - Arizona

Nichols State at #3 Oregon
Gorringe - Oregon
Karren - Oregon
Olson - Oregon
Swinney - Oregon
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - Oregon

Eastern Washington at #25 Oregon State
Gorringe - Oregon State
Karren - Oregon State
Olson - Oregon State
Swinney - Oregon State
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - Oregon State

Washington State at Auburn
Gorringe - Auburn
Karren - Auburn
Olson - Auburn
Swinney - Washington State
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - Auburn

Northwestern at Cal
Gorringe - Northwestern
Karren - Northwestern
Olson - Northwestern
Swinney - Northwestern
Expert Picke>: Kyle Goon - Cal

Colorado vs Colorado State (Denver)
Gorringe - Colorado
Karren - Colorado State
Olson - Colorado
Swinney - Colorado
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - Colorado State

Nevada at #21 UCLA
Gorringe - UCLA
Karren - UCLA
Olson - UCLA
Swinney - UCLA
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - UCLA

Washington vs #19 Boise State
Gorringe - Boise State
Karren - Boise State
Olson - Washington
Swinney - Washington
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - Boise State

#1 Alabama vs Virginia Tech (Atlanta)
Gorringe - Alabama
Karren - Alabama
Olson - Alabama
Swinney - Alabama
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - Alabama

#5 Georgia at #8 Clemson
Gorringe - Georgia
Karren - Georgia
Olson - Georgia
Swinney - Clemson
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - Georgia

#12 LSU vs #20 TCU (Arlington)
Gorringe - TCU
Karren - LSU
Olson - LSU
Swinney - LSU
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - LSU

BYU at Virginia
Gorringe - BYU
Karren - Virginia
Olson - BYU
Swinney - BYU
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - Virginia

Utah vs Utah State (Thurs)
Gorringe - Utah 34 Utah State 20
Karren - Utah 24 Utah State 21
Olson - Utah 31 Utah State 21
Swinney - Utah 27 Utah State 17
Expert Picker: Kyle Goon - Utah State 23 Utah 21
The Aggies defense is the difference, as well as field goal kicker Nick Diaz. Utah State's veteran front seven may give up a few explosive plays, but they will make life tough for Travis Wilson in the pocket. The Aggies also have an offensive line that can run out the clock if they have a late lead, with a few big running backs behind Joe Hill to help if necessary.

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