Staff Selections: Week 2

The season rolls along, and so do our picks. This week Robert Jackson joins us as our expert picker.

Well nobody was perfect this past week, but just like the college teams we follow we all need a week or two to warm up before we really hit our stride.

Swinney and Dan both tied for the most correct while Tom and Andrew are close behind. Our expert picker, Kyle Goon, had a rough go of things but that's okay because this week's expert will pick up the slack.

Here are the standings after week 1:
Swinney: 11-3
Olson: 11-3
Karren: 10-4
Gorringe: 9-5
Expert Picker: 8-6

This week's expert picker is none other than Crimson Corner co-creator and UTEcast producer Robert "Rojack" Jackson. Rojack knows a thing or two about football in this state and should be able to put together a good line of picks. If you aren't familiar yet with the awesome work Rojack and Mike Grant do over at the Crimson Corner/ go check out their stuff at You can also find Rojack on Twitter HERE.

Here are the picks for week 2:

Sacramento State at Arizona State (Thurs)
Gorringe – Arizona State
Karren – Arizona State
Olson – Arizona State
Swinney – Arizona State
Expert Picker: Rojack - Arizona State

Portland State at Cal
Gorringe – Cal
Karren – Cal
Olson – Cal
Swinney – Cal
Expert Picker: Rojack - Cal

#2 Oregon at Virginia
Gorringe – Oregon
Karren – Oregon
Olson – Oregon
Swinney – Oregon
Expert Picker: Rojack - Oregon

Hawaii at Oregon State
Gorringe – Oregon State
Karren – Oregon State
Olson – Oregon State
Swinney – Oregon State
Expert Picker: Rojack - Oregon State

San Jose State at #5 Stanford
Gorringe – Stanford
Karren – Stanford
Olson – Stanford
Swinney – Stanford
Expert Picker: Rojack - Stanford

Washington State at #25 USC
Gorringe – USC
Karren – USC
Olson – USC
Swinney – USC
Expert Picker: Rojack - Washington State

Arizona at UNLV
Gorringe – Arizona
Karren – Arizona
Olson – Arizona
Swinney – Arizona
Expert Picker: Rojack - Arizona

Central Arkansas at Colorado
Gorringe – Colorado
Karren – Colorado
Olson – Colorado
Swinney – Colorado
Expert Picker: Rojack - Colorado

#14 Notre Dame at #17 Michigan
Gorringe – Michigan
Karren – Michigan
Olson – Michigan
Swinney – Michigan
Expert Picker: Rojack - Michigan

#12 Florida at Miami(FL)
Gorringe – Miami
Karren – Florida
Olson – Miami
Swinney – Miami
Expert Picker: Rojack - Florida

#6 South Carolina at #11 Georgia
Gorringe – South Carolina
Karren – South Carolina
Olson – Georgia
Swinney – Georgia
Expert Picker: Rojack - Georgia

Utah State at Air Force
Gorringe – Utah State
Karren – Utah State
Olson – Utah State
Swinney – Utah State
Expert Picker: Rojack - Utah State

#15 Texas at BYU
Gorringe – Texas
Karren – Texas
Olson – Texas
Swinney – Texas
Expert Picker: Rojack - Texas

Weber State at Utah
Gorringe – Utah 55 Weber State 13
Karren – Utah 43 Weber State 13
Olson – Utah 41 Weber State 14
Swinney – Utah 45 Weber State 7
Expert Picker: Rojack - Utah 56 Weber State 21

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